02.24.15 — Grey

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Puzzle by Elizabeth A. Long / Edited by Will Shortz

EARL’S SUNGLASSES (20A. Shades of Grey?), LADY JANE’S BLINDS (36A. Shades of Grey?) and ZANE’S LAMP COVERS (52A. Shades of Grey?) constitutes the interrelated group of this tangled Tuesday crossword — read as EARL Grey, LADY JANE Grey, ZANE Grey.

Other — AMBULANT (38D. Able to walk), CALL A CAB (9D. Advice to someone who’s drunk and about to leave), ENDUE and UNDUE, ESSES and YESES,  INCUBATOR (33D. Place for a preemie), INNOVATE (39D. Be creative), MANGANESE (8D. Element between chromium and iron on the periodic table), OPIE and OPUS, PIE-LIKE (23A. Resembling a quiche), SCULLERY (4D. Room where pots and pans are stored), STOOLIE (48A. Singer in prison, maybe).


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