02.17.15 — Who Let the Dogs Out?


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Puzzle by Bruce Haight / Edited by Will Shortz

WHO LET THE DOGS OUT (22A. 2000 novelty hit … or a hint to the nine starred clues) heads a gang of dogs in this affable Tuesday crossword, along with a black-square dog in the center of the grid:

CHOW (1D. *Grub)
POM (11A. *Fruit juice brand)
BOXER (4D. *One working on a canvas?)
BEAGLE (10D. *Darwin's ship)
SETTER (34D. *Volleyball position)
BLOODHOUND (53A. *Relentless pursuer)
POODLE (47D. *Kind of skirt or haircut)
HUSKY (66A. *Like Lauren Bacall's voice)
PUG (56D. *___ nose)

Throw in a CAT (1A. Enemy of the pictured animal), TOTO (3D. Pooch in Oz) and the idiom "Sick AS A dog."

Other — AM PM and SEEK (45A. Clock radio toggle switch; 35A. Car radio button); BREAD and TOAST (59A. Wonder product; 60A. 59-Across, after crisping); CRAT and TACT; ISEULT (27A. Tristan’s love, in Camelot); LOOK ONE’S BEST (23D. Dress to the nines, say); NOT SO BAD (40D. Middling); STRETCHED OUT (25D. Went from one seat to two, maybe); TANNERIES (31A. They convert hides to leather).


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