02.06.15 — Jumping in Place

A pogo stick is a device for jumping off the ground in a standing position, through the aid of a spring, or new high performance technologies, often used as a toy, exercise equipment, or extreme sports instrument. The pogo stick is currently undergoing a renaissance through its accelerated entry into the world of extreme sports via the new sport of extreme pogo or "Xpogo". ~ Wikipedia


Friday, February 6, 2015

Puzzle by Kyle Mahowald / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. “Check it out!”, LOOK AT THAT; 11. Book deals?, BETS; 15. Buoy, EXHILARATE; 16. Org chart topper, EXEC; 17. Many a collar attachment, DOG LICENSE; 18. When Romeo says he “saw true beauty” before seeing Juliet, NE’ER; 19. Like many babies at bedtime, ROCKED; 20. Players often pick it up, TEMPO; 21. The Mariners, e.g., PROBES; 23. Like many hooks, J-SHAPED; 25. Former consumer electronics company bought by Sony, AIWA; 26. Studio mixing equipment, PALETTES; 27. Comment to a card, YOU’RE TOO MUCH; 31. Pep boys product, STP; 32. It underwent a long, massive breakup, PANGAEA 33. Leader who said “It is right to rebel”, MAO; 36. Question asked modestly in response to “That looks great on you”, THIS OLD THING; 38. Burmese pythons n the Everglades, e.g., SCOURGES; 41. My reply IS NO” (Magic 8 Ball answer); 42. Everglades transport, AIRBOAT; 43. “A sentiment appropriate to the occasion of another’s superiority,” per Ambrose Bierce, HATRED; 45. Geo. Washington was the U.S.’s first, LT GEN; 46. Fencing moving that means “arrow” in French, FLECHE; 48. Sic ERAT scriptum; 49. Takes command of, SPEARHEADS; 53. Source of some fevers, MONO; 54. No turning back now!”, IT’S DO OR DIE; 55. Get the picture, SNAP; 56. “Not so hard”, EASY DOES IT.

Down 1. Took command of, LED; 2. Brand name chosen for its symmetry, OXO; 3. Response to a puerile joke, OH GROW UP; 4. Metric pressure unit, KILO BAR; 5. “This the Voice of the Lobster” reciter, ALICE; 6. Changes course, TACKS; 7. Tag base, perhaps, TREE; 8. Straight, say, HAND; 9. Cadillac model that debuted in 2012, ATS; 10. It gets swung over, TEE; 11. Unworthy of, BENEATH; 12. Out of it!, EXEMPT; 13. Mobile home, TEEPEE; 14. New England delicacies, SCRODS; 20. 1960s Robert Loggia series about a burglar-turned-bodyguard, THE CAT; 21. Is beneficial, PAYS; 22. Real card, RIOT; 23. Crawford who won the 2014 Sixth Man of the Year Award, JAMAL; 24. Swung around, SLUED; 26. Dances by jumping in place, POGOS; 28. Screenwriter who knew the identity of Deep Throat before it was made public, EPHRON; 29. Region between the tundra and steppes, TAIGA; 30. Dawn, ONSET; 33. Makes out clumsily?, MISREADS; 34. Colonial heretic ANNE Hutchinson; 35. Start of some pleas, OH GOD; 36. Wear without straps, TUBE TOP; 37. Informal greeting, HI THERE; 38. Alternative to Camels, SALEMS; 39. Fruit historically  used for medicinal purposes, CITRON; 40. “Star Wars” surname, ORGANA; 43. Villain in a Nativity play, HEROD; 44. Sound heard before a big blow?, ACHOO; 46. Talk, with “up”, FESS; 47. Certain noble, LADY; 49. You, overseas, SIE; 50. Natl. Congress of Mothers, today, PTA; 51. Year the Liang dynasty began, DII; 52. Radio receiver, SET.


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