07.29.15 — Double-Double

Basketball Team, 1911, interest


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Puzzle by David J. Lieb / Edited by Will Shortz

DOUBLE-DOUBLE (65A. Statistical achievement in basketball … or what the answer to each starred clue is), along with those answers, constitutes the main feature of this Wednesday crossword:

STANDARD TIME (18A: *It's divided into four zones in the contiguous U.S. states), e.g., DOUBLE STANDARD and DOUBLE OVER
TAKEOVER (27A: *Coup d'état, e.g.), DOUBLE TAKE and DOUBLE OVER. 
CROSSTALK (33A: *Incidental chatter), DOUBLE CROSS and DOUBLE-TALK 
PLAYBILLS (47A: *Handouts to theatergoers), DOUBLE PLAY and DOUBLE BILLS 
BACKDATE (53A: *Make retroactive), DOUBLE BACK and DOUBLE DATE.

Other — COAT ROOMS (3D. Where forgotten umbrellas may accumulate); DRAGONS (46D. Chinese New Year decorations); GOLDEN BOY (38D. Person who can do no wrong); NEGEV (12D. More than half of Israel); NOOGIE (15A. Knuckle to the head); SPOOKY 34D. Like a haunted house); ZEBRA (7A. Parent of a zorse or a zonkey).


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