07.06.15 — Java Monday

The gibbon's ability to stand and walk upright made Eugène Dubois believe it was closely related to humans. This is one of the reasons why he once claimed that Java Man looked like a "giant gibbon"  ~ Wikipedia


Monday, July 6, 2015

Puzzle by Lynn Lempel / Edited by Will Shortz

Familiar phrases with the second word beginning with the letter "A" become three-word phrases clued to suit in this Monday crossword:

WALK A ROUND (17A. Decline to use the golf cart?)
PLAN A HEAD (25A. Design the lav?)
TAKE A PART (36A. Accept one of the acting roles?)
MOVE A SIDE (51A. Pass the coleslaw or potato salad?)
KNOCK A BOUT (60A. Pan the boxing match?)

Other — ADIEU and ADO, ALTAR and ALTO, BEWITCH (1D. Place a hex on), I’LL PASS (3D. “Not for me, thanks”); E-READER (13D. Portable device for book lovers*); JAVA MAN (41D. Human/ape “missing link” found in Indonesia in 1891); OP ART (47A. Drawings that deceive); RUN LATE (12D. Be behind schedule); TOAST (24A. “Here’s to the happy couple!,” e.g.).


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Anonymous said...

Judas died before he could be "sent out", which is what "Apostle" means. He was, however, a "Disciple".

Anonymous said...

Mark 10:4 names Judas as an Apostle, so there!