07.03.15 — The Friday Crossword

"Quaker guns" (logs used as ruses to imitate cannons) 
in former Confederate fortifications
at Manassas Junction March 1862


Friday, July 3, 2015

Puzzle by Brandon Hensley / Edited by Will Shortz

Of interest — ALBUS DUMBLEDORE (34A. School head in a best-selling series of novels); AND SCENE (14D. Director’s cry with a pause in the middle); AGAPE and BROMANCE (49D. Love of one’s fellow man,, to Greeks); 36D. Love of one’s fellow man?); DRIVEL (53A. Rot); EPIC VERSE (59A. Genre of the “Odyssey”); EXPURGATE (17A. Clean up, as test); HAD IT MADE (11D. Was set for life); HUXLEY (2D. “Eyeless in Gaza” novelist 1936);  QUAKER GUN (30D. Wood painted to look like a cannon); RINGO (55A. Rock star’s nickname derived from his jewelry); RUM RAISIN (15A. Ice cream flavor with chewy bits); SEX KITTEN (61A. Coquettish sort); TAKE A PEEK (56A. Cheat at hide-and-go-seek, say); T-BALL (32D. Minor league game?); WHITE CAPS (1A. Shore sights on a windy day).


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Anonymous said...

"War" should have been capitalized if it referred to the game. Spellcheck probably did it.