07.01.15 — Daffineth

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Puzzle by Ned White / Edited by Will Shortz

Substituting TH in common phrases usually beginning with S, giving each a daffy clue, is the main feature of this Wednesday crossword:

THAW / MILL (1A. With 68-Across, release philosopher John Stuart from cryonic suspension?)
THICK / PUPPY (9A. With 66-Across, slow learner in the litter?)
THIGHS OF RELIEF (20A. Turkey servings for the famished?
THUMBER OLYMPICS (38A. Quadrennial competition for hitchhikers?)
THEMES OKAY TO ME (53A. TV critic’s approval of a show’s opening tune?)

Other — Per ardua ad ASTRA”; H-BAR and H-BOMB; KER-plunk; NIHIL (26D. Zero to Nero); TENT (67A. Something that has low stakes?).


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