07.25.15 — Rosebud

Orson Welles, “Citizen Kane”


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Puzzle by Kevin G. Der / Edited by Will Shortz

Of interest — AROINT (16A. “Begone,” to Shakespeare); BIBELOT (33A. Trinket); BOUNCE HOUSE (45A. It’s blown up at a carnival); BOX SCORE (33D. Some sports figures); COURT VISION (19a. Hoopster’s playmaking ability); EGOMANIA (15A. Citizen Kane’s affliction); FOOT BATHS (27D. Dog washers?); NEPAL (43D. Traditional birthplace of Buddhism); ON SALE NOW (13D. Available for purchase); ORANGINA (51A. Beverage in a pear-shaped bottle, ironically); POWER NAP (49A. Stopgap for an energy shortage); SNEEZE (52A. Something you close your eyes for); TIME BOMB (1A. One waiting to go off); TON ROWS (35A. Modern composer’s constructions); VIOLA SOLO (12D. Feature of Berlioz’s symphony “Harold en Italie”); WET ONE (31A. Sloppy kiss); WIN THE WAR (31D. Ultimately prevail).


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