07.15.15 — Top Row

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Puzzle by Bruce Haight / Edited by Will Shortz

TOP / ROW and TYPEWRITER (10A. With 66-Across, place on a keyboard to find all the letters in 16-, 28-, 45- and 60-Across), REPERTOIRE (16A. Everything you can perform), PROPRIETOR (28A. Business owner) and PERPETUITY (46A. Time without end), constitute the main feature of this Wednesday crossword

:Other — ATTA (56D. Slangy lead-in to “way”); CAMERA CREW and SAILOR (27D. Ones working with an anchor; 20a. One working with an anchor); DID UP (25D. Prepared fancily); DO I DARE (55A. “Is it worth the gamble?“); EAT DIRT (45D. Humble oneself); EMOTE (26D. Ham it up); EXCESS (56a. One shouldn’t drink to this); OPEN MIC (4D. Occasion for amateurs to do stand-up); TELLS TALES (10D. Serves up whoppers).


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