07.02.15 — Ink

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Puzzle by Timothy Palin / Edited by Will Shortz

INVISIBLE INK (67A: What six of this puzzle's clues have been written with?) along with the six answers, single-letter clues and the imaginary INK for each, constitutes the main feature of this insignificant Thursday crossword.

ECCENTRICITY (18A: K), i.e. Kink
FOUNDER (12D: S), Sink
SPLIT SECOND (30A: W) , Wink
MEDIUM RARE (38A: P), Pink
CONNECT (45D: L),  Link 

Other — AA CELLS (3D. Needs for many digital cameras); ACE and MAC (21A, 8D. Buddy); DR MARIO (13D. Classic Nintendo game similar to Tetris); ENROL (59A Opposite of drop out); ETYMA (11D. Root words), HICCUPS (2D. Affliction with many folk remedies); IRIDIC (7D.. Containing element #77); LIANA (15A. Tropical vine), Bear ORISON.


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