07.09.15 — Q

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Puzzle by John Guzzetta / Edited by Will Shortz

RIGHT ON CUE (61A. Prompt … or a hint to entering five answers in this puzzle), along with the five answers, constitutes the main feature of this Thursday crossword:

ILL-EQUIPPED and QUIPPED (1D. Not ready; 24A. Produced laugh lines?)
SUMMER SQUASH and QUASH (5D. Crookneck, e.g.; 38A. Put down)
GIANT SQUID and QUID (10D. Army terror?; 33A. Pounds)
PEP SQUAD and QUAD (50D. School spirit raiser; 67A. Leg muscle, informally)
ANY REQUESTS and QUESTS (48D. D.J.’s invitation; 68A. Challenges for knights)

Other —EOLIAN (65A. Wind-borne); HEMOSTAT (39D. Surgeon’s clamp); JETTISONS 29A. Tosses); LENDEE (22A. Borrower); LORDE (11D. 2013 Grammy winner for “Royals”); LUNCH MONEY (17a. School bully’s demand); SPEEDBOAT (43A. One making waves).


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