07.19.15 — The Short Form

Gandalf’s Rune


Sunday, July 19, 2015

"The Short Form"  Puzzle by Tom McCoy 
Edited by Will Shortz

In this Sunday crossword, seven abbreviated words are used as full words to give familiar phrases a make-over:
  • FIRST PERSON SING (23A. “Belt it out, Adam!”?), Singular
  • DON’T GIVE AN IN (38A. “I forbid you from providing special access”?), Inch
  • POP DENSITY (42A. Your father’s blockheadedness?), Population
  • TURN OF THE CENT (66A. Coin flip with a penny?), Century
  • APT COMPLEX (92A. Emotional problem that is surprisingly fitting?), Apartment
  • CUT QUITE A FIG (94A. Prepared some amazing Mediterranean fruit?), Figure
  • LOOK OUT FOR NO ONE (112A. Do a bad job as a watchman?), Number
Other — ALL IS LOST (79D. “We’re done for”); AMUR (21A. Border river between China and Russia); BITTERER (5D. More resentful); CRUST (68D. Piece of pie); ELFIN and RUNE (102D. Like some characters in “The Hobbit”; 107D. Character seen in “The Hobbit“); HANG IN THERE (16D. “Keep up the fight”); HARRUMPHS (3D. Openly expresses disapproval); I’M OUTTA HERE (65D. “Later!“); LE MENU (64D. Old frozen dinner brand); PAULIE (87A. Title parrot in a 1998 film); SAHIB (1A. Polite Indian form of address)


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