07.05.15 — Heads of State

Sunday, July 5, 2015

“Heads of State”, Puzzle by Elizabeth C. Gorski
Edited by Will Shortz

The main feature of this perfect Independence Day weekend Sunday crossword is HOME OF MOUNT RUSHMORE (15D. What 15-Down is … or a hint to the four italicized clues in left-to-right order), along with KEYSTONE SOUTH DAKOTA (15D. See 18-Down):

AMERICAN CINCINNATUS (22D. Nickname for George Washington)
THE MAN OF THE PEOPLE (4D. Nickname for Thomas Jefferson)
THE GREAT EMANCIPATOR (9D. Nickname for Abraham Lincoln)
HERO OF SAN JUAN HILL (33D. Nickname for Theodore Roosevelt)

Other — AGE LIMIT (26A. Restriction on Army enlistees); CAMOMILE (26A. Tea made by Peter Rabbit’s mother); EGO IDEAL (104A. The person you want to be); EVIL ONE (24A. Prince of Darkness); GROUND CREW (65A. Plane folk?); HARD HAT ((27A. Construction site sight); HERE WE GO (37A. “Fasten your seatbelts …”); IKEBANA (21A. Art of flower arranging); KINSHASA (13D. Capital on the Congo); KOKOMO (13A. Indiana city where auto manufacturing was pioneered); OKAY OKAY (14D. “ heard you the first time!”); SPHERIC (81A Ball-like).


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