07.27.05 — Palindromes

Monday, July 27, 2015

Puzzle by D. Scott Nichols and Zhouqin Burnikel
Edited by Will Shortz

PALINDROMES (60A. What the ends of the answers to all the starred clues are), along with SELES, ONO, TENET and HANNAH, constitutes the main feature of this Monday crossword:

MONICA SELES (17A. *Youngest French Open champion)
YOKO ONO (39A. *”Double Fantasy” singer)
GEORGE TENET (11D. *C.I.A.’s second-longest-serving director)
DARYL HANNAH (24D. *”Splash” star)

Other — ALIMONY (4D. Payment to an ex); Desi ARNAZ of “I Love Lucy”; AVEENO (18D. Big name in skin care); BALSA (42A. Wood for model airplanes); ERROL Flynn who played Robin Hood; GRANOLA (45D. Crunchy breakfast bowlful); HIPPO (46A. Zoo heavyweight, informally); Pepé LE PEW, amorous cartoon skunk; NAME (32A. Peter, Paul or Mary); NIMROD (21A. Doofus);  Nick NOLTE of “48 Hrs.”


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