01.03.13 — All for ONE ...

Thursday, January 3, 2013
Puzzle by Bruce Haight / Edited by Will Shortz
A note heads this obnoxious crossword: Four answers in this puzzle are incomplete. The missing part can be found in four other places in the grid.”   The note refers to four large black bars resembling the number “1” dividing the puzzle into four small puzzles with a stingy connecting box in the center containing ACE, all-in-all making for no flow in the solving of the crossword.
The “missing part” group: ALL FOR … (1. Start of a motto first published in an 1844 book); APOLLO … (7A. 1967 disaster); MURDER … (59A. Serious rap); HOLE IN … (60A. Sports coup).
Other — BANDORE (55A. Old guitarlike instrument), DENARII (41D. Ancient Roman coins), EPIGONE (40D. Inferior imitator), ESTONIA (58A. Country where marinated bear is a specialty food), I INSIST (17A. “No use arguing with me“), ILIESCU (33D. Two-time Romanian president Ion), LEISTER (10D. Three-pronged fishing spear), NATATOR (24A. Swimmer), OBOVATE (5D. Inversely egg-shaped), TERRINE (48A. Earthen casserole dish).
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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 13. Lazy sort; 15. Criticize cattily; 16. Unwakeable, say; 18. It took 70 years to complete, in brief; 19. Vintner’s need; 20. Cockney abode; 21. Chateau ___ Michelle; 22. Tex-Mex order; 26. Go beyond; 27. “Any ___?”; 28. Be a tippler; 29. Bookish; 32. Single, slangily; 33. Dreams up; 38. Ready for a drive; 42. Hit hard, as the brakes; 43. Was on tour, in a way; 48. Most light; 49. Susan of “L.A. Law”; 50. Not just threaten, say; 51. Japanese vegetable; 52. Group of whales; 53. Some map lines; 57. Tight situations. — DOWN: 1. Former San Francisco mayor Joseph; 2. Make a hard, low hit that’s caught; 3. Causes; 4. Univ. body; 6. Like “The Karate Kid” and “Total Recall”; 7. Enliven; 8. It helps one get a grip; 9. Special ___; 11. Steve Martin romantic comedy; 12. Bewhiskered animals; 15. Priory in “The Da Vinci Code”; 23. Kitchen meas.; 25. Alias; 30. Diamonds; 31. Lab sight; 34. Writer of the story on which “All About Eve” is based; 35. Athos, to Porthos, to Aramis; 36. Has a cow; 37. John Hancock, e.g.; 38. Hockey Hall of Fame site; 39. It’s here; 42. Extreme cruelty; 44. Tree whose wood is used in guitar-making; 45. Abase; 47. Dick Tracy’s girl; 54. Spoiled; 58. Aust. currency.


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