01.04.13 — The Friday Crossword

“Every human being carries with him from his cradle to his grave certain physical marks which do no change their character…”
~ Mark Twain, Pudd’nhead Wilson
Friday, January 4, 2013
Puzzle by David J. Kahn / Edited by Will Shortz

Five 15-letter entries constitute the main feature of this Friday crossword:

MAINSTREAM MEDIA (17A. Target of some political attacks)
WHAT MORE CAN I SAY (59A. Words from one who’s at a loss for words)
ADIRONDACK CHAIR (3D. Lake cabin sight)
PRESSES THE FLESH (7D. Does street campaigning)
PUDD’NHEAD WILSON (11D. 1894 novel whose title character likes to collect fingerprints)

Other — Snow GEESE and Snow PEAS, Dei GRATIA, ORAL instruction, “”There’s ONE IN every crowd”; “… FAR AS the eye can see”; SEUSS (33A. Noted trisyllabic metrist).

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Inveigle; 5. Some downloads; 9. Go for a light bite?; 14. It may follow ye; 15. Thin; 16. Sapphire alternative; 20. How many learn; 21. Turn; 22. Corps of Engineers project; 23. Nonpareil; 24. Submitted; 26. Cook up; 29. Learn of; 32. Important connection?; 38. Went after; 40. Planes are studied in it; Kitchen device; 43. Tear up; 46. Sari accompaniment; 48. Put safely away, in a way; 50. Finish; 53. Gray shade; 56. Harps (on); 62. Racket; 63. Amanuensis, e.g.: Abbr.; 64. Finish; 65. Danish man’s name with a line through the second letter; 66. Actor LaBeouf; 67. Certain stake. — DOWN: 1. Really go through; 2. Anti-aging product name; 4. Some gas atoms; 5. Ways to go; 6. You may feel below it; 8. Bobby of the Black Panther Party; 9. Part of many a welcome kit; 10. Suffix with special; 12. “Votre toast,” e.g.; 13. Span; 18. Measures; 19. Kind of bean; 25. News clipping; 26. “Prelude to War” documentarian, 1943; 28. French urban network; 30. ___ Lauder, cosmetics giant; 31. Secreted again; 34. Outbreak of 2003; 37. Actress Ward; 39. Fortune 500 microcomputer firm; 42. 2010 Jude Law/Forest Whitaker movie; 44. Haggard; 47. Ring figure in “Carmen”; 49. Zesties! Maker; 53. Grass appendages; 54. It may be said with a brushing motion; 57. Brest milk; 58. Last word of a party song; 60. Japanese bourse: Abbr.; 61. Hit CBS series starting in 2000.

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