01.12.13 — Goose

Canada Goose, John James Audubon
Saturday, January 12, 2013
Puzzle by Doug Peterson and Brad Wilbur / Edited by Will Shortz
AS LOOSE AS A GOOSE (15A. Not nervous at all), CHAINLINK FENCES (17A. They might make a dog run), WAITING TO EXHALE (52A. 1992 chick-lit best seller set in Phoenix) and IT TAKES ALL KINDS (55A. “Different strokes for different folks”) sprawl across this Saturday crossword filled with nerve-raking clues.
Other across — 1. Birder’s reward, SIGHTING; 9. Amount of olives, JARFUL; 18. On-air hobbyists?, HAMS; 19. Inspire warm feelings about, ENDEAR; 20. Aristotle’s “ARS Rhetorica”; 21. Select, ELITE; 23. Suffix with cannon, EER; 24. Oil deposit problem, ACNE; 25. Sports org. with the Colorado Rapids, MLS; 26. Jester’s locale, COURT; 29. Shortbread flavorer, PECAN; 30. Much paperwork, FORMS; 31. Be in the can, DO TIME; 32. “If you can find a better car, buy it” pitchman, IACOCCA; 35. Like some fake redheads, HENNAED; 36. “CLARA’S Heart” (1988 Whoopi Goldberg film); 37. Fit for the road, say, HONDA; 38. Promising location, ALTAR; 39. LATTE macchiato; 40. “Deo vindice” was its motto: Abbr., CSA; 43. In the wrong business?, NOSY; 44. Litter critter, CUB; 45. Ooh and aah, e.g., REACT; 47. Big 12 sch., TCU; 48. Emulates Chicken Little, PANICS; 51. Pico Mountain innovation of 1940, T-BAR; 556. Like many measuring spoons, NESTED; 57. Air, TELECAST.
Down — 1. Algonquian chief, SACHEM; 2. Promising start?, I SHALL; 3. One of Macbeth’s thanedoms, GLAMIS; 4. Jack or forklift, HOIST; 5. Exaggerated workload, TON; 6. Key, ISLE; 7. Foreign refusal, NEIN; 8. Look-sees, GANDERS; 9. “Aladdin” villain, JAFAR; 10. Smoking, say, AGER; 11. Wood or Underwood, RON; 12. Thick base for pizza, FOCACCIA; 13. Connection requirement, at times, USER NAME; 14. Fell off, LESSENED; 16. Activity with traps, SKEET; 22. Green jam ingredient?, ECOCAR; 24. Fortune 100 company named after a smoker, AETNA; 27. “The Two Towers” army, ORCS; 28. Portrayer of June in “Henry & June”, UMA; 29. Weigh, PONDER; 30. Venture, FORAY; 31. Dimple, DENT; 32. Sad sack’s lament, I CAN’T WIN; 33. Earmark, ALLOCATE; 34. Wear for some super heroines, CAT SUITS; 35. Like chop-shop cars, HOT; 37. Element, HABITAT: 39. Pair in a cage, LUNGS; 40. Place to change trunks, CABANA; 41. Barista’s injuries, SCALDS; 42. Stationary, AT REST; 44. Did a rush job on?, CANED; 46. Code of conduct, ETHIC; 48. Anti-cavalry weapon, PIKE; 49. COLE Hamels, 2008 World Series M.V.P.; 50. Move through a market, SELL; 53. Body image, briefly, TAT; 54. Vintage Jaguar, XKE.


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