01.26.13 — The Saturday Crossword

Mae West in "I'm No Angel", 1933
Saturday, January 26, 2013
Puzzle by Raymond C. Young / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Rainbow event, GAY PARADE; 10. Given orally, at law, PAROL; 15. Maureen of “Tarzan the Ape Man”, O’SULLIVAN; 16. Russian princess who was Nicholas II’s only niece, IRINA; 17. One of a chain owned by Wyndham, RAMADA INN; 18. Platte River natives, OTOES; 19. “Unfaithful” Oscar nominee, DIANE LANE; 20. See 26-Across, NIGHT; 21. “Come on down!” announcer, OLSON; 22. Ode title opener, TO A; 23. Receipt to redeem a credit, SCRIP; 24. Place of imprisonment in book and film, ZENDA; 28. With 20-Across, Conan’s domain, LATE; 27. Worried about, in slang, SWEATED; 32. What repeats in solemn hymns but isn’t in hymnals?, SILENT N; 34. One who snaps, CENTER; 35. First-ever, MAIDEN; 36. “Indeed, mat”, RIGHT-OH; 38. Shaking, QUIVERY; 38. Pianist EMIL Gilels; 40. Prepare for a long drive, GAS UP; 42. Falls off, WANES; 44. Maxwell rival, REO; 45. “the strain seemed doubly dear, / Yet SAD AS sweet”: Wordsworth; Butler who played Grace Kelly, BRETT; 51. Setting for the swing set?, DANCE HALL; 53. Thor’s group, AESIR; 54. She told Willy Wonka “Loompaland? There’s no such place”, MRS TEEVEE; 55. Signs of spring, CROCI; 56. Clear thinker’s asset, ALERT MIND; 57. American tribe that lent its name to a state, KANSA; 58. Non-profit concerns?, NET LOSSES.
Down — 1. Monkey launched into space in 1958, GORDO; 2. Repeated cry from Mercutio in “Romeo and Juliet”, A SAIL; 3. Arizona natives, YUMAS; 4. City whose name is Spanish for “flat”, PLANO; 5. Mayflower man, ALDEN; 6. 100 fils, FIAL; 7 Winged it?, AVIATED; 8. Activia maker, DANNON; 9. Standard sudoku groupins, e.g., ENNEADS; 10. No-spin particles, PIONS; 11. It includes the extradition clause, ARTICLE IV; 12. It’s between Laredo and Nuevo Laredo, RIO GRANDE; 13. Performance with nearly perfect pitch?, ONE-HITTER; 14. What a broke person is down to, LAST PENNY; 24. Feeling no physical attraction?, ZERO G; 25. Prepare to fire into the sky, AIM UP; 27. Kind of earring requiring twisting, SCREW BACK; 28. 1919-33, in German history, WEIMAR ERA; 29. Pre-takeoff command, ENGINES ON; 30. One side in the Bay Bridge Series rivalry, ATHLETICS; 31. Southeast Asian observance, TET; 33. Medieval love poem, LAI; 37. Mae West reputedly said this “is good to find”, HARD MAN; 38. Military hut, QUONSET; 41. Aspartame developer, SEARLE; 43. Tiny groove, STRIA; 45. Ensure, SEE TO; 46. Sounds that make frogs disappear?, AHEMS; 47. “Jezebel” star DAVIS; 48. Coeur d’ ALENE; 49. They go down when it’s cold, SLEDS; 52. CTRL-C.


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