01.05.13 — The Saturday Crossword

A frame from the Patterson-Gimlin film taken on October 20th, 1967, claiming to depict Bigfoot/Sasquatch and by some others to show a man in an ape suit.
Saturday, January 5, 2013
Puzzle by Barry C. Silk / Edited by Will Shortz

WOODY WOODPECKER (32A. Drummer with a star on the Walk of Fame) and CRYPTOZOOLOGIST (8D. Sasquatch studier, say) interlock in the center of this pleasant Saturday crossword giving the solver a nice start to confront the remaining wide variety of the puzzle.
Across — 1. Reconcile, MAKE PEACE; 10. Certain Arabian Peninsula native, ADENI; 15. Nancy Pelosi’s Emmy-nominated daughter, ALEXANDRA; 16. Test for a tailor, TRY ON; 17. Mork first appeared on it, HAPPY DAYS; 18. Boot, EJECT; 19. Cons, ANTIS; 20. Graceful genie of myth, PERI; 22. See 50-Across, SHE; 23. Interrogee, often, LIAR; 24. “Crimes of Passion” Grammy winner, PAT BENATAR; 27. Bone: Prefix; 28. Price of music, LLYOD; 29. Guinier of civil rights, LANI; 30. City of 750,000 SW of Warsaw, LODZ; 31. Big name in car batteries, DELCO; 38. Time release, ISSUE; 39. Kind of surgery, ORAL; 40. Where Wyatt Earp operated the Dexter Saloon, NOME; 41. G follower, A FLAT; 43. Urgent alerts, briefly, APBS; 47. It may be followed by [sic], CLOSE QUOTE; 49. Onetime big name in hair removal, NEET; 50. Opposites of 22-Acrosses, HES; 51. What birds take, WING; 52. First name in 1950s politics, ADLAI; 53. 1998-2007 Lebanese president ÉMILE Lahoud; 55. It doesn’t include a bass, GIRL GROUP; 58. Hit most likely to start an unassisted triple play, LINER; 59. Miss in an aisle, USHERETTE; 60. Symbols of industry, LOGOS; 61. The Marx Brothers in “Monkey Business,” e.g.; STOWAWAYS.
Down — 1. “MAHALO nui loa” (Hawaiian words of gratitude); 2. Self-titled debut album of 1991, ALANIS; 3. Didn’t stop, KEPT AT; 4. Run out, EXPIRE; 5. With 35-Down, joins the club, perhaps, PAYS; 6. Shut off, END; 7. Novelist ADA Leverson; 9. Slip past, EASE BY; 10. Didn’t run out for dinner, ATE IN; 11. Philly court legend, DR J; 12. Shrimp protrusion, EYESTALK; 13. “Never”, NO CHANCE; 14. Kind of paint, INTERIOR; 21. Word with cent or cell, RED; 24. Blizzard battler, PLOW; 25. Designer ALDO Gucci; 26. Writer ALEC Wilkinson of The New Yorker; 30. Cleaning agent, LYE; 31. Atl. Coast state, DEL; 32. Big name in gossip, once, WINCHELL; 33. Basis of the song “It’s Now or Never”, O SOLE MIO; 34. Dialyzing, OSMOSING; 35. See 5-Down, DUES; 36. “Doggone!”, DRAT; 37. Crown, PATE; 41. E.P.A. computation, AQI; 42. Tinactin target, FUNGUS; 43. Merry-ANDREW (clown); 44. Jai alai need, PELOTA; 45. Knockout, BEAUTY; 46. Front supporters, STIPES; 48. They hold water, EWERS; 52. Noted Indian burial site, AGRA; 54. Constellation that looks like a bent coat hanger, LEO; 56. Density symbol, RHO; 57. Tennis’s LEW Hoad.


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