01.19.13 — The Saturday Crossword

Saturday, January 19, 2013
Puzzle by David Quarfoot / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Religious emblem, informally, JESUS FISH; 10. Jerks, ASSES; 15.”Il dolce suono,” e.g., OPERA ARIA; 16. It’s worth 8 points in English and 10 points in French, X TILE; 17. Backwater, in Australia, BILLABONG; 18. Certain pub, LOCAL; 19. GPS heading, SSE; 20. A search may be done with it, BING; 21. Fluff, LINT; 22. Figure on a table: Abbr., AT NO; 24. Works in a studio, say, OILS; 26. Schubert piece, WALTZ; 27. Get along, CLICK; 29. Reason to end an engagement, CEASE FIRE; 31. Virus containment specialist, TECHIE; 33. List, TILT; 3. Alpine stream, AAR; 35. You can feel it on the ground, informally, ONE G; 37. Girl’s name that becomes a boy’s name when the last letter moves to the start, LANA; 39. Envelope abbr., STE; 42. Lump, GLOB; 44. Market, BAZAAR; 48. Guitar device producing a vibrato effect, WHAMMY BAR; 51. Beat, PULSE; 52. Chilling, EERIE; 53. On a list of knowns, IDED; 55. Filled, RIFE; 56. Ages, ERAS; 57. Roast setting, DAIS; 59. Travel BAN; 60. Orkney Islands clan, PICTS; 62. Needlework?, TATTOO ART; 64. Dioxane, e.g., ETHER; 65. Measure of success, status bar; 66. Hyundai model, AZERA; 67. So simple, EASY PEASY.
Down — 1. Governmental stimulus of 2012, JOBS ACT; 2. Missive, EPISTLE; 3. Kind of acid that dissolves gold, SELENIC; 4. It might be a link, URL; 5. Auto with a “9” in almost all its model names, SAAB; 6. Onetime spokes model for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, FABIO; 7. Having a twist, IRONIC; 8. Grappler’s gear, SINGLET; 9. No beauty, HAG; 10. Rose on stage, AXL; 11. Carleton College rival, ST OLAF; 12. Mediterraneo tourist locale, SICILIA; 13. Hyundai model, ELANTRA; 14. Fizz, SELTZER; 23. A power of dos, OCHO; 25. Breeze (through), SAIL; 26. Post-cookout item, WET NAP; 28. Cry when reaching the other side, KING ME; 30. Hunk, SLAB; 32. Tough to grasp, EELY; 36. “Place without water,” in Mongolian, GOBI; 38. Shade on the Riviera, AZUR; 39. Comics character named for a flower, SWEE’ PEA; 40. High-end accommodations, familiarly, THE RITZ; 41. Otalgia, EAR ACHE; 43. Statistician’s anathema, BAD DATA; 45. Opening words deliverer, ALI BABA; 46. What goes before that goes?, AS FAR AS; 47. Period of radio silence, RE-ENTRY; 49. Buddy, MISTER; 50. Some western gear, REATAS; 54. Jingle, e.g., DITTY; 58. Introductory course?, SOUP; 61. Sp. Name preceder, SRA; 62. Japanese market inits., TSE; 63. Sweet ending?, OSE.
This arid crossword was lavished praise from the house blog of The New York Times and friends of the author of that blog, Amy and Rex, noting that it was the 7,000th New York Times puzzle for which Will Shortz was editor.


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