01.20.13 — What the L?

Jonah and the Whale, 1621, Pieter Lastman,
Stiftung Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf
Sunday, January 20, 2013
ALL-INSPIRING, Puzzle by Yaakov Bendavid
Edited by Will Shortz

If a puzzle has a title, it usually has some relation to the composition. In the case of this plodding Sunday crossword, it is difficult to determine what qualifies as all-inspiring”:

THE ROYAL WHEEL (23A. Prince’s pottery equipment?), pun on “the royal we”
DO NOT PASS GOAL (104A. Stop proceeding in the maze when you reach the end?), “Do not pass Go.”
ICE CUBE TRAIL (3D. Strategy employed by a Siberian Hansel and Gretel?), “ice cube tray”
DUEL AS I SAY (11D. Fencing coach’s pronouncement?), “Do as I say.”
GREEN BALE PACKERS (14D. Haymakers?), “Green Bay Packers”
GET OUT OF THE WHALE (36D. Advice to Jonah?), “Get out of the way.”
I TOLD YOU SOLE (58D. “Waiter, we ordered the fish!”?), “I told you so.”
HEAD TO TOLL (67D. Approach a thruway booth?), “head to toe”

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Like some church matters; 7. Ancient priests; 13. Dr. Moreau’s creator; 20. Go over the wall, maybe; 21. Fix, as a model plane; 22. Gradual decline; 25. Firearm company for nearly five centuries; 26. Indy entrant; 27. Bygone Saudi king; 28. City on Utah Lake; 29. Cooking meas.; 30. Words of certainty; 31. Series; 32. Lounging robes; 34. Hooter; 35. New members of society; 36. Prepares for action; 38. Madras title; 39. Soft cheese; 40. Dutch city near Arnhem; 41. Ten, for openers; 42. Manhattan area bordered by Broadway; 44. Boobs; 45. Certain sorority woman; 47. Cat on the prowl; 48. Soup kitchen needs; 50. 2006 Winter Olympics host; 52. Radio wave producer; 53. Part of one’s inheritance; 54. Those girls, to Juanita; 55. Public ___; 57. Lack of enthusiasm; 61. The year 151; 62. “Goosebumps” writer; 63. Jewelry material; 64. Leaves after dinner?; 65. Best Actor Tony winner for “Mark Twain Tonight!”; 67. Of the blood; 70. Pete Seeger’s genre; 71. Punch-in-the-gut sounds; 72. Have no doubt; 75. Put back up, as a blog entry; 78. Kind of TV; 79. Online health info site; 80. Hard cheese; 81. In hiding; 83. “Doctor Zhivago” role; 84. Hails from Rocky Balboa; 87. Makes a lap; 88. Modern group-mailing tool; 88. Modern group-mailing tool; 89. Some barkers; 91. Eve’s counterpart; 92. Commonly, once; 93. Infatuated with; 95. “Yes, Cap’n!”; 96. Semisoft cheese; 97. Einstein’s “never”; 98. Teachers love hearing them; 99. Some classical statuary; 101. Big name at Indy; 102. Tumbler; 106. Kind of strength; 107. Flamenco shout; 108. Det. Bonasera on “CSI: NY”; 109. Dead Sea Scrolls preservers; 110. “The Player” director, 1992; 111. What the weary get, in a saying. — DOWN: 1. Not object to 2. Conscience-stricken; 4. Ivory alternative; 5. Left on board; 6. Willy who wrote “The Conquest of Space”; 7. Big name in radio advice; 8. VCR button; 9. Chefs hate hearing them; 10. Of the lower small intestine; 12. Paris seasoning; 13. Like the Talmud; 15. Basic bait; 16. Dir. From Winston-Salem to Raleigh; 17. Of the seashore; 19. Fastened with Velcro, e.g.; 24. One of six areas on a Risk board; 28. Additional; 33. Name on pencils; 37. Russian import, briefly; 39. Was an omen of; 41. Place to rest; 43. Reddish brown; 46. What’s-___-name; 47. Grand Canyon rental; 49. Deep blue; 50. Georgia ___; 51. Nobel Peace Center site; 52. It can be shocking; 53. Ginger Spice’s first name; 56. Members of la familia; 57. Haul around; 59. Swiss patriot; 60. Sherpa’s herd; 62. Low-budget hotels, for short; 63. Italian beloved; 66. Sail supports; 68. “Mi casa ___ casa”; 69. Swollen glands cause; 70. Woman, in slang; 72. Hallowed, old-style; 74. Warriors’ grp.; 75. Strike a chord; 76. Feats of construction; 77. Paisley and plaid 78. Carries on steadily; 79. President who was an electrician by profession; 82. Some chemical salts; 83. Expose, as a criticism; 85. Trials; 86. Greet like a junkyard dog; 90. Calif. Barrior setting; 91. Hawker; 93. Polio vaccine developer; 94. Good-sized musical group; 96. Heartiness; 100. Leeway; 103. Sugar suffix; 104. Dennis Quaid remake of a 1950 film noir; 105. Govt.-issued ID.


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