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Godfrey Kneller's 1689 portrait of Isaac Newton
Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Puzzle by Joel Fagliano / Edited by Will Shortz

PETER O’TOOLE (19A. Po boy?), LAILA ALI (29A. L.A. woman?), ISAAC NEWTON (35A. In person?), PAUL RYAN (42A. P.R. man?) and IVANKA TRUMP (52A. It girl?) constitute the interrelated group of this well-balanced Wednesday crossword.
Other — ACID RAIN (10D. Environmental problem addressed in the Clean Air Act), APROPOS, AVEENO (2D. Johnson & Johnson skin-care brand), CENTER, CHOCOLATY (14D Like many éclairs), EASEL, ESPIES, FAR OFF, INMATE (46D. Cell body), INUNDATE (35D. Overwhelm), L L COOL J (11D. Rapper on “NCIS: Los Angeles”), MORESO, POM POM, RAILS AT, SOFTIE, IOWA STATE (31D. The Cyclones of the Big 12), TAKEN IN, TOUCAN (45D. Amazon flier).
Five-letter — ABOUT, BRETT Ratner, CROAT, Zac EFRON, HEY YA, LINEN, RASTA, RINSO, SKUNK (49D. One raising a stink?), T-BONE, Rainbow TROUT.
Short stuff — ABBA, ACAI, APE, ARF, ARNE Duncan, ATL, “Fine BY ME”, CIA, DOE, EEL, ET AL, GATE, HALT, HICK, HUH, IPO, MAYO, MENU, NOON, OATS, ONE / ACT (23A. With 24-Across like Edward Albee’s “The Zoo Story”), OLD, Turn-ONS, OVER, PACT, PSAT, RAGU, Rembrandt van RIJN, ROI, SANK, STEP, STU, TIE, TRUE, UCLA, Quelques-UNES, VATS, YOYO.

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Deal; 9. “Stop!,” at a checkpoint; 13. Finito; 14. Balkan native; 15. Jackie Robinson’s alma mater; 16. It might start with Starters”; 17. 2003 OutKast hit that was #1 for nine weeks; 18. Bumpkin; 22. Female kangaroo; 25. Teen heartthrob Zac; 27. To a greater extent; 32. N.L. team with a tomahawk in its logo; 33. Notable 2012 Facebook event, for short; 34. Artist Rembrandt van ___; 38. Obama education secretary Duncan; 40. Draw; 41. Chow line?; 44. Pushover; 48. Detergent brand; 49. Apt name for a chef?; 51. Not funny anymore; 57. Natl. Merit Scholarship earner’s exam; 59. Give or take; 60. Antioxidant berry; 61. Lucky Charms ingredients; 62. Steak cut; 63. Scandal suffix; 64. Rung; 65. Went under; 66. Quelques-___ (some: Fr.). — DOWN: 1. It might be shaken next to a field; 3. Tallest member of a basketball team, often; 4. “You make a good point”; 5. “Rush Hour” director Ratner; 6. It has its ups and downs; 7. Tuna salad ingredient; 8. List ender; 9. “Come again?”; 12. Fooled; 20. Guy in dreads, say; 21. Pickled delicacy; 26. Way in the distance; 28. Stands in a studio; 29. Fourth-anniversary gift; 30. Donkey Kong, e.g.; 31. The Cyclones of the Big 12; 36. ‘Homeland” org.; 38. Suitable; 39. Harangues; 43. Person in un palais; 47. Spots; 53. Tanks; 54. “Mamma Mia!” group; 55. When shadows are shortest; 56. “Sauce brand; 58. Recipe amt.


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