01.25.13 — Friday Fog

Fog shadow of Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, 2006.
Friday, January 25, 2013
Puzzle by Joe DiPietro / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Automaker David Dunbar Buick, by birth, SCOTT; 5. Apple quantities, PECKS; 10. Expression of despair, SOB; 13. A really good offer, say, THREE FOR ONE; 16. Chase Field team, on scoreboards, ARI; 17. Former New York City attraction with a revolving dance floor, RAINBOW ROOM; 18. Track hostilely, DOG; 19. Tool time?, IRON AGE; 20. Cold comfort?, TISSUE; 22. It has pins at one end, ALLEY; 23. Football Hall-of-Famer Grimm, RUSS; 26. “The Last of the Mohicans” girl, CORA;27. Rank, TIER; 28. Pumice feature, PORE; 29. There are eight in “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”, OINKS; 30. Some concerned with 5-Downs: Abbr., EES; 31. +2, DOUBLE BOGEY; 33. Serious offense against God, MORTAL SIN; 34. Hit home, STRUCK A NOTE; 37. Mil. Authority, CMD; 40. Game with forks and pins, CHESS; 41. Goes out, in a card game, GINS; 42. James CAAN of “Elf”; 43. Giant of legend, YETI; 44. Seve Trophy (golf tourney); 45. Rather, SORTA; 46. Having a catch, TRICKY; 48. Skips, SITS OUT; 50. Dynasty after the Qin, HAN; 51. To come, IN THE FUTURE; 54. Abbr. in auto ads, EPA;58. Challenges catchers, in a way, STEALS BASES; 56. Change a shade?, DYE; 57. SHELF LIFE; 58. Staff sign, REST.
Down — 1. Streaked, STRIATE; 2. Delta preceder, CHARLIE; 3. Brooks Robinson and Frank Robinson, ORIOLES; 4. Sawbuck, TENNER; 5. Candle-lighting occasion, POWER OUTAGE; 6. Say 1 + 1 = 3, say, ERR; 7. Cote call, COO; 8. Speed units, KNOTS; 9. Penultimate match, SEMI; 10. Number of tears?, SAD SONG; 11. “Parliament of Whores” humorist, O’ROURKE; 12. Mardi Gras setting, with “the”, BIG EASY; 14. It may do your bidding, E-BAY; 15. Horror film effect, FOG; 21. Offshoot, SCION; 24. Mid 13th-century pope, URBAN IV; 25. Forgo modesty in a job interview, SELL ONESELF; 28. Bill add-ons, PORK; 29. Drama honor, OBIE; 31. Creations in Word, informally, DOCS; 32. Shop quotes: Abbr., ESTS; 33. Some strains, MUSIC; 34. Reaped, in a way, SCYTHED; 35. Couples may be in it, THERAPY; 36. Image receivers, RETINAE; 37. Hit the bars, say, CAROUSE; 38. Comes due, MATURES; 39. Fatherhood confirmer, maybe, DNA TEST; 42. Bill splitter?, CO-STAR; 44. SYNTH-pop; 45. Hit accidentally, STUB; 47. Give lip to?, KISS; 49. What-ifs; 52. Top-Flite holder, TEE; 53. Cartoonist Foster, HAL.

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