01.10.13 — I'd Like to Buy An "E"

Thursday, January 10, 2013
Puzzle by Kevan Choset / Edited by Will Shortz

WH[BLANK][BLANK]L OF FORTUN[BLANK] (42A. When completed, popular TV program starting in 1975, I’D LIKE TO BUY AN E (25A. Request that would complete 42-Across), WHITE (1A. One of a popular TV game show duo), SAJAK (63A. One of a popular TV game show duo) constitutes the interrelated group of this Thursday crossword. The resulting down entries for the group are THE [BLANK] (34D. Something to fill in), [BLANK] STARE (43D. Sign of an absent mind), [BLANK] VERSE (44D. Nonrhyming poetry).
Other — BODY ARMOR(56A. Military protection), DISNEY, TOD and TRON (9D. See 4-Down and 36-Down; 4D. 9-Down fox; 36D. 1982 9-Down movie), EHUD BARAK (17A. Predecessor of Ariel Sharon), EMBARKED (5D. Made a start), WORK DAYS (37D. You might go to bed early before these).
Mid-size — ABNER, CLEAR, DEBAR, “What should I DO NOW?“, ELGIN Marbles, ENIGMA (10D. It‘s a mystery), FINDER (45D. One earning a fee, maybe), HI MOM, INANE, INGRID (22A. Queen of Denmark, 1947-72), LURCH, MERLOT (6D. Certain red), money, MORRIE (41A. Title figure in a Mitch Albom best seller), NAURU (29D. Pacific nation), ON OFF and ON RED, POUTER, ROARS, SIETE, SIREE, VERTEX (48A. Meeting place for mathematicians?), WAUGH (37A. Novelist whose first wife had the same first name, curiously).
Short stuff — ABLE, ADD, ALEX, ALT, A MAJ, ANTI, ARF and ARK, BAER, BIS, BITE, BRNO (23A. Moravian capital), DOC, DORA, ELOI, ERR, HIHO, I-BAR, “IMUS in the Morning“, INKY, IPOD, “Dies IRAE“, ITEM, Live IT UP, IZE, MIA, NAP, NOS, ONE D, OOZY, ORSK (54D. Ural River city), REA and REAR, REED, SVEN, SYR, TOR, VCRS, “Say WHEN”.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 6. Not present when expected, for short; 9. Block; 14. Many a “Today” show sign; 15. Goof; 16. Silly; 19. Number of days in una semana; 20. Questionnaire response column; 21. Practiced; 23. Moravian capital; 24. Object; 31. One looking down; 32. Some fuzz; 33. ___-weekly; 35. When a right is sometimes allowed; 36. Rocky peak; 39. Vet, e.g.; 40. Boxer’s response; 41. Title figure in a Mitch Albom best seller; 46. Man’s name meaning “young man”; 47. Black; 51. Linear, in brief; 52. Confusion; 55. Erase; 58. Thunders; 59. Suffix with winter; 60. A long time; 61. Yes or no follower; 62. Land once partly held by the Crusaders: Abbr. — DOWN: 2. Longtime Ritz competitor; 8. Couples cruise locale?; 11. Heavyweight champ after Camera; 12. Fighting; 13. Crumhorn, e.g.; 18. Commander of Saul’s army, in I Samuel; 23. Dentist’s directive; 24. Construction beam; 25. Mini, for one; 27. Clumsy move; 28. Kind of switch; 30. The British Museum’s ___ Marbles; 38. Like many gallery goers; 40. “Family Ties” boy; 41. Some Monopoly game equipment; 48. Devices with spools; 49. Wells race; 50. Raise; 51. Like mud; 52. Key with three sharps: Abbr.; 53. Se4ven-year-old explorer; 56. Ones sexually flexible, for short; 57. Actor Stephen.


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