01.30.13 — Echoes

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Puzzle by Will Nediger / Edited by Will Shortz

Duplicating an “O” syllable at the end of a word/phrase resulting in new phrases constitutes the interrelated group of this wily Wednesday crossword.

DOCTOR NO-NO (17A. Coming on to a patient, perhaps?)
BAN JOJO (21A. Deny membership to skater Starbuck?)
LET MY PEOPLE GO-GO (36A. Dictator’s directive at a dance club?)
DIS COCO (55A. Bad-mouth designer Chanel?)
MAKE IT SO-SO (59A. “Strive for medium quality on this one”?)

Other — BLADE II (35D. 2002 sequel starring Wesley Snipes), DO THE MAMBO (4D. Dance to Tito Puente, say), LAY-OVER, ORGAN MUSIC (32D. Sunday hymn accompaniment), RATED PG.

Europa, moon of Jupiter

Mid-size — ACCEPT, ACMES, COMMA, ECOLI, Zac EFRON, ELMIRA, EUROPA (13D. Moon of Jupiter), GADDED, GAS CAP, GOGOL, HIJAB, IN A JAM, LETHE (4D. Hades‘ river of forgetfulness), NACRE, OVIEDO (46D. City of northern Spain), QUADS, REFORM, SKOAL, SNOOP, WHO AM I (48D. Amnesiac‘s question), WON BIG (8D. Hit the jackpot), Mello YELLO.
Short stuff — ABEL, AFAR and AJAR, ARC, AVA Gardner, BEG, B MAJ, BOOM, BRIE (10A. Easy-to-spread cheese), BRR, COLE and COLT, COME, “Make my DAY!”, DECO, DELE, “Mon DIEU!”, DOPE, EDAM (64A. Cheese that doesn‘t spoil), ELLA, E-MAG, EMIL, EMO, Teri GARR, HOAX, I’M OK, JEWS, JINX, KID, Bert LAHR, LILA Kedrova, Fannie MAE, MENU, NARC, OBI, OJAI, OJO, ORCA, PIE, QED, RAP, SAL ammoniac, SIDE, UFO, VIA.

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Muscles strengthened by squats; 6. Shul attendees; 14. Zac of “High School Musical”; 15. “Don’t worry about me”; 16. Course list; 19. Way off; 20. Piltdown man, for one; 23. Agree to; 26. Kedrova of “Zorba the Greek”; 27. Genre that includes freestyling; 28. Up time; 29. Cyberspace ‘zine; 31. Less-than sign’s key mate; 33. First name in scat; 35. Shiverer’s sound; 42. Seek pocket change, say; 43. Itinerary word; 44. Close to closed; 45. “Taras Bulba” author; 48. Marijuana, informally; 49. Seeker of illicit 48-Across; 50. Hollywood’s Gardner; 51. Cowardly Lion portrayer; 53. New York site of Mark Twain’s grave; 58. Radio City’s architectural style; 65. Painter Nolde; 66. Muslim woman’s veil; 67. Idiot; 68. Onion rings, e.g.; 69. Potentially dangerous strain. — DOWN: 1. Proof letters; 2. Area 51 craft, supposedly; 3. Part of a curve; 5. Buttinsky; 6. Give bad luck; 7. Rock subgenre; 9. Toast word; 10. Key using all the black keys: Abbr.; 11. Go straight; 12. Facing big trouble; 18. Suitable for most audiences; 22. Decorative inlay material; 23. First fratricide victim; 24. Nat or Natalie; 25. Gelding-to-be, maybe; 26. Break between flights; 37. Mello ___ (soft drink); 38. Budget chart shape; 39. City near Santa Barbara; 40. Teri of “Tootsie”; 41. Ocean predator; 45. Traipsed (about); 47. Often-removed car part; 52. Topmost points; 56. Command to Fido; 57. Editorial strike-out; 60. Give a ribbing; 61. Spanish eye; 63. Geisha’s accessory.


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Hi Donald -- One small correction: the image of Doctor No is from Showcase #43, published by DC Comics, not Marvel. It's a pretty tough to find book as well.

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