01.17.13 — Mind the GAP

Thursday, January 17, 2013
Puzzle by Milo Beckman / Edited by Will Shortz
Two separate grids with empty space where the eighth column would normally be (e.g., a “GAP”) and five entries spanning the same utilizing the imagined letters ‘G A P” as part of their answers constitutes the interrelated group of this commanding Thursday crossword:

THE BI[G AP]PLE (19A. Locational nickname with origins in horse racing)
HEL[GA P]ICTURES (32A. Noted series of paintings by Andrew Wyeth)
STRIKIN[G AP]OSE (39A. Preparing to be shot, say)
SIN[G AP]OREAN (49A. Dweller on the Straits of Johor)
MIND THE [GAP] (62A. Tube warning … or an apt title for this puzzle?) 

Other — BEATS ME, BEE’S WAX, CAR RACE, EMOTION, HOT DAMN, ICED TEA, I SEE NOW, LORELEI, OARSMAN, RADIO NEWS (33D. Top of-the-hour broadcast, maybe), RELIEVE, ROSS SEA, TEA TASTER (3D. One encouraged to drink on the job), THE PILL.
Mid-size — Up A TREE, AKRON, ALANS, “Bonne ANNEE!”, DONUT, DRAGS, E-CASH, ECOLI, EERIE, E-MAIL, GOLEM (44D. Automaton of Jewish folklore), NAOMI Wolf, PICOT (28D. Loop of lace), PRAISE, RATTAT, SEES TO, SELLS, SHAKY, TAMPA, TETHYS (4D. Midsize moon of Saturn).
Short stuff — ASE and ANSE, ANT, Christian BALE, BLUR, COAL, D-DAY, DDS, DOL, Gen. Robert E LEE, ETD, ETRE, EXO, Googly EYES, GNAW, IEOH Ming Pei, IHOP, NINE, OAK, ORB, PEAL, PIE, Roger REES, RIB, ROIS, SLIT, TOMB (6D. Dead center?), VAT, VIEW, WEI.



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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Knock on wood, say; 7. Arizona product; 14. “Gotcha”; 16. “Hoo-oo-EY!”; 17. “No clue”; 18. One who made the crew cut?; 20. Amount to be divvied up; 21. Operation time; 23. Christian of film; 24. Antarctic body named for an Englishman; 28. Ring; 31. Raid target; 38. Face seen on many T-shirts; 38. 500, e.g.; 40. Capital of Australia: Abbr.; 42. Medical subject of Time magazine covers of 1967 and 2010; 44. Wear down; 47. Echecs pieces; 48. Symbol of might; 55. Shipwreck cause, perhaps; 57. Let up on; 60. Melancholy, say; 61. Private business, in slang; 63. Manages. — DOWN: 1. Lightly roast; 2. Enzyme suffix; 5. “As I Lay Dying” father; 7. “Come hungry. Leave happy” sloganeer; 8. Kentucky export; 9. Being in Bordeaux; 10. License to drill?; 11. Battle of Fort Brooke locale, 1863; 12. Text alternative; 13. Chinese dynasty during the Three Kingdoms period; 21. Bummers; 22. Food with an inedible center?; 23. Censor, in a way; 25. Inconclusive; 26. Like some extreme coincidences; 27. Composer Menken and others; 29. Bitcoins, e.g.; 30. Stuck, after “up”; 34. Reason for a food recall; 35. Emulates a bear; 37. Menu with zoom options; 43. Encomium; 45. Feminist Wolf; 46. City intersected by I-76 and I-77; 49. Cut open; 50. Architect ___ Ming Pei; 51. Lucky figure in Chinese culture; 52. Ball; 53. Roger of “Cheers”; 56. It’s about when you leave: Abbr.; 58. Brewery sight; 59. Prefix with thermal.


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