01.14.13 — The End Is Near

Monday, January 14, 2013
Puzzle by Steve Salmon / Edited by Will Shortz
THE END IS NEAR (56A. Apocalyptic warning … or a hint to 20-, 33- and 42-Across), LENDING AN EAR (20A. Listening), RECTILINEAR (33A. Like the street grid of Midtown Manhattan) and GREG KINNEAR (42A. Oscar nominee for “As Good as it Gets”) constitute the interrelated group of this Monday crossword.
Other — ARSENAL (8D. Munitions depot), DA VINCI (30A. “Mona Lisa” painter), INCENSE (43D. Infuriate), MIS-SEND (45A. Mail to the wrong address).
Five — ADELE, ALIGN, ANTON Bruckner, BRAKE, CLEAT, ENDOW, GET AT, “MAMMA mia!”, TAWNY, In VITRO fertilization.
Short stuff — ABE and ABS, AEC, AIRY, ANEW, ANN Taylor, ARID, AS A rule, CAN, DEMO, “In excelsis DEO“, DST, ERIE, ESS and ETS, HALE and hearty, HEEL, Once IN A while, MAC, MESS, MGMT, MGS, NERO, OLEO, PIE, SCAN, SET A good example, Feng SHUI, SOOT, SWAG, RUT, TDS, TEAR, TED and TEN, TEST, UKE, UNIT, USN, WEST.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. They get crunched in gyms; 4. Pirate’s loot; 8. Insightful; 14. Apple computer, informally; 17. Hawaiian music maker, informally; 18. The “U” in C.P.U.; 19. Bleachers; 23. Smallest Great Lake, by volume; 24. Composer Bruckner; 25. ___ rule (normally); 28. First player elected to the baseball Hall of Fame; 40. Nuclear agency established by H.S.T.; 41. Yellowish brown, as a lion’s coat; 46. Browns, as bread; 51. 6-point football scores; 52. Gripper on an athlete’s shoe; 55. Emperor said to have fiddled while Rome burned; 59 What speeding cars do around turns; 62. Sample recording; 63. Dessert often served a la mode; 64. Mistreats; 65. Bar next to butter, maybe; 66. Aliens, for short; 67. Stinging plant; 68. Pioneer’s direction; 69. Summer clock schedule: Abbr. — DOWN: 12. Necklace charm; 2. Establishment that makes a lot of dough?; 3. Picturesque; 4. Feng ___ (New Age concern); 5. Aspirant; 6. Put in a row; 7. Suggest; 10. Sign of sadness; 11. Ensign’s org.; 12. Baseball great Williams; 13. Suffix with shepherd; 22. “Not gonna happen”; 25. Once again; 26. Read, as a b ar code; 27. Light and graceful; 29. Slow a car down; 34. Wick holder; 35. Perfect diving score; 36. Bosses, collectively: Abbr.; 37. Dry as a bone; 38. Meal I n the military; 39. Classic British roadsters; 43. Infuriate; 44. Occasionally; 47. __ Taylor (clothing retailer); 48. Oozed; 49. Characteristics; 50. Aching the most; 53. Give funds for; 54. Singer with the7x platinum single “Rolling in the Deep”; 56. Lab procedure; 57. Dog trailer’s “Follow!”; 58. Chimney black; 59. Bottle alternative; 60. Lincoln, familiarly; 61. Groove in a road.


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