01.08.13 — Shuffle, Cut and Deal

The Card Players, c. 1890 by Paul Cézanne
Tuesday, January 8, 2013
Puzzle by Allan E. Parrish / Edited by Will Shortz

DECK OF CARDS (54A. Something with which you might do the actions at the ends of 20-, 27- and 45-Across), LIDO SHUFFLE (20A. 1977 Boz Scaggs hit), SHOULDER CUT (27A. Source of ground chuck) and PACKAGE DEAL (45A. All-in-one offer) constitutes the interrelated group of this Tuesday crossword.
Other — ALL AGES (44D. Whom G movies are for), ARGENTINA (12D. One side of the Falklands War), EDMOND Hoyle, EIFFEL Tower, ENDROSE, HANG OUT AT (11A. Frequent, as a club), I’LL BET, INSPECTOR Lestrade, Nicole KIDMAN, RATED R (9D. Like “The Exorcist” and “Lethal Weapon”), ROTATIONS, SETS IN, William STYRON, TECHNO (5D. Dance music genre).
Five-letter — AMARE, ARSON, AWAIT, BEARD, BOWLS, BRAVO, DATED, DIANE Arbus, DIRTY, Sharp-EDGED, LARGE, LEERY, NERDY, SISTA, STORM, REHAB, TATAR, TONGA and TONKA, TSARS, USING, VIREO (31A. Bird with red-eyed and yellow-throated varieties).
Short stuff — ACLU, ACS, ANO, ASTA, BANE, CHEF, CHUG, CLEO Laine, ECHO, EMO (10A. Nondance music genre), EVER, GAGA, GER, GOAL, HALF, HOOF, ICI, William INGE, INO, KARO, MCQ, OLGA Korbut, OWEN Wister, POR favor, Q-TIP, RKO, SAAR, SODS, SOHO, TACH, TALC, URGE, VIA, WARD.

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Constant nuisance; 5. Dashboard device, briefly; 9. Post-op program; 14. Writer Wister; 15. Say again; 16. To love, in Milan; 17. Voting district; 18. Laine of jazz fame; 19. South Pacific island nation; 23. Neth. Neighbor; 24. “Sophie’s Choice” novelist; 25. Hoyle of “Hoyle’s Rules of Games”; 34. Coal-rich area in Europe; 35. Common cotton swab; 37. Italian diminutive suffix; 38. Unsportsmanlike; 39. Year, in Yucatán; 40. Film terrier played by Skippy; 42. “Picnic” playwright; 43. Volga River native; 48. Takes hold; 49. Skeptic’s response; 53. Here, to Henri; 58. Hurricane, e.g.; 60. Fair share, maybe; 61. Wild about, with “over: 62. Toy truck maker; 63. Hankering; 64. At least once; 65. Firebug’s offense; 66. Result of a successful slap shot; 67. Covers, as a football field. — DOWN: 1. Big New Year’s Day events; 2. Lie ahead; 3. Dweebish; 4. Sign, as a check; 6. Rights org. since 1920; 7. Restaurant figure; 8. What a horseshoer shoes; 13. Vandyke, e.g.; 21. Manhattan district with art galleries; 22. Doubting; 26. 1974 John Wayne crime drama; 28. Taking drugs regularly; 29. Popcorn order for two, maybe; 30. Passé, 31. Going by way of; 32. Lestrade of Sherlock Holmes stories, e.g.; 33. E.R. doctors work them; 38. Photographer Arbus; 41. Some window installations, for short; 43. Baby powder component; 46. Best Actress winner for “The Hours”; 48. Woman with an Afro, maybe; 50. “Good job!”; 52. Bygone Russian leaders; 55. Down in a hurry; 56. Corn syrup brand; 57. Gymnast Korbut; 59. Original “King Kong” studio.

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