03.22.13 — A Sliver of the Moon

“Cheap little rhymes
A cheap little tune
Are sometimes as dangerous
As a sliver of the moon."
~ Langston Hughes
Friday, March 22, 2013
Puzzle by Tim Croce / Edited by Will Shortz

Six 15-letter entries constitute the main feature of this entertaining Friday crossword:

CHOOSE ONE’S WORDS (1A. Speak carefully)
ROCKET TO THE MOON (16A. One of Disneyland’s original attractions)
E-MAIL DOMAIN NAME (17A. Part of a modern address)
EDITORIAL STANCE (52A. Slant in print)
ORNAMENTAL TREES (55A. Topiary figures)
SAID ONE’S PRAYERS (56A. Hoped for a miracle, maybe)

Phèdre, 1880. Alexandre Cabanel
Of other interest — ELISSA Landi, ETA MESON (9D. Electrically neutral subatomic particle), LOCH NESS (29A. Urquhart Castle is on it), MOIRE (28D. Silk selection), OCARINA (3D. Instrument whose name means “little goose”), OTOMIS (7D. Mexican Indians), PHAEDRA (35D. Daughter of King Minos), ROANOKE (13D. The Star City of the South), ROSSINI (36D. “La Cenerentola” composer), SOIGNEE (39D. Elegantly attired), THOR’S Hammer (Mjolnir), THROATS (37D. Distinctive parts of some hummingbirds), VARIG (22D. Flier to Rio).


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 18. Bloom who played Mary in “The Last Temptation of Christ”; 19. Communicated without saying anything; 20. “Not in eine Million Jahre!”; 21. “Gotcha”; 22. Forest climbers; 23. “Hey-y-y-y!” sayer of sitcom Dom, with “the”; 24. The Big Red Machine, on scoreboards; 25. Maisons, across the Pyrenees; 26. Alternative to gunpowder; 27. Charm; 31. One often duped: Abbr.; 33. Reason for denying entry maybe; 34. Attach as a cat might; 38. Actress Landi of “The Count of Monte Cristo,” 1934; 43. Gets something off one’s back, say; 45. Long, for short: Abbr.; 46. Quiet; 47. Swamp birds; 487. Like some statues and book spines; 49. Lo-___; 50. Front-page New York Times addition of 1997; 51 Hoops Hall-of-Famer Baylor. — DOWN: 1. Ice climbing hazard; 2 Bore down (on); 4. Clearing; 5. Actress Ward; 6. Wheels-up announcement, briefly; 8. Like some fees; 10. Starts suddenly; 11. Go along, as one’s way; 12. Every, in an Rx; 14. It carries out many orders; 15. Has a cold reaction?; 23. Big name in handbags; 25. Podiatric problems; 26. N.L. East team, informally; 30. Future alumnae, quaintly; 32. Substance used in fillings?; 34. Rock collections may sit beside them; 40. Certain telecom technician; 41. Suitability; 44. It’s turned down for extra warmth; 47. Existentialist Kierkegaard; 48. Blazingly bright; 50. “Till the End of Time” singer; 51. “___, Red-Hot & Live” (1982 blues album); 53. Jot; 54. Digital ___ (high-tech shooter).

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