03.11.13 — The Monday Male

Monday, March 11, 2013
Puzzle by Robert Fisher / Edited by Will Shortz

TOM, STAG, BUCK, BULL and RAM found in TOMFOOLERY (17A. Prankish activity), STAGFLATION (23A. Double-whammy economic condition), BUCK NAKED (35A. Without a stitch on), BULL SESSION (50A. Impromptu, wide-ranging conversation) and RAMSHACKLE (58A. Shoddy and unsturdy) constitute the interrelated group of this fine Monday crossword.
Joseph Severn's depiction of Keats listening to the nightingale (c. 1845)
Other — ARMREST, BAY RUM (48A. Men’s grooming scent), “Polly want a CRACKER?“, C S LEWIS (41D. “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” writer), EGO TRIP (2D.Display of self-importance), EROSION, NEUTERS (40D. Spays, e.g.), ONCE MORE, RECKONED, RESTORE, RUBELLA (44D. German measles).
Mid-size — BOO HOO,DANKE schön”, GAMUT, INSTS, LASSO, MISLAY, NO DICE, NOT SO, ODE TO a Nightingale“, PUPIL, SPOTTY, STAFF, TRYSTS (20A. No-tell motel get-togethers), TULSA, U MASS.
Short stuff — ABS, ACRE, ADO, ALAN, ALIT, Forever AND A day, Go APE, Rest AREA, COLE slaw, DEFY, DRAT, DUST, EELS, EMU, ERE, ESSO, EST, FIR, FLEA, FLY, GERM, HEAD, HOT, ICED, IRIS, KRIS Kringle, LACK, LOBE, MAT and MET, NED, Anita O’DAY, OGRE, ORB and ORE, OSSA, PEWS, PIE à la mode, Hi-RES, RON, TEAS, UP TO no good.

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Noggin; 5. Sturdy walking stick; 10. Bug; 14. Folklore villain; 15. Part of the eye; 16. Rest ___ (roadside stop); 19 Not quite all; 21. Attic accumulation; 22. Before, in verse; 28. Lose; 30. The “A” of Chester A. Arthur; 31.Sought-after rock; 33. Did some figuring; 39. Again; 42. Farm unit; 46. Hi-___ graphics; 47. Came down on a branch, say; 53. Stomach muscles, informally; 54. Oolong and Earl Grey; 55. “Ain’t gonna happen”; 57. Church seats; 62. Part of the eye; 64. Slithery fish; 65. Bygone U.S. gas brand; 66. “Untrue!”; 67. Dang!” — DOWN: 1. On a streak; 3. What two theatergoers may share; 4. Boldly resisst; 5. Hit-or-miss; 6. Oklahoma oil city; 7. Go ___ (flip out); 8. Tree with needles; 9. Go by plane; 10. Full range; 11. Wearing away of soil; 12. Put back in good condition; 13. Wrestling surface; 18. Greek peak; 21. “___ schön” (“Thank you very much”: Ger.); 22. Relative of an ostrich; 24. Red gems; 25. One nipping Nipper, maybe; 26. Be short of; 27. Flanders of “The Simpsons”; 29. Brain section; 34. Jazz chanteuse Anita; 36. Amherst school, informally; 39. Big ball in space; 45. Letters on an ambulance; 48. “Gee, that’s really too bad”; 51. Catch, as a calf at a rodeo; 52. Research facilities: Abbr.; 56. Treated, as a sprained ankle; 58. Song syllable repeated after Da Doo”; 59. Big fuss; 60. Encountered; 61. D.C. winter hrs.


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