03.01.13 — Friday Rap-Up

Stonehenge, Salisbury, England, ca. 1895
Photochrom print by Photoglob Zürich
Friday, March 1, 2013
Puzzle by Doug Peterson and Brad Wilber
Edited by Will Shortz
Across — 1. Game with the figures “soldier’s bed” and “fish in a dish”, CAT’S CRADLE; 11. Real-estate mogul IGOR Olenicoff; 15. Superpower with which Clark Kent shaves himself, HEAT VISION; 16. Boulevardier’s accessory, CANE; 17. Waffling, IRRESOLUTE; 18. Fangom Forest denizens, ENTS; 19. Source of the line “Hope springs eternal …”, POPE; 20 Larder lineup, JARS; 21. It moves along via a series of belts, FIGHT; 22. Greg Evans comic strip, LUANN: 24. Dental patient, often, RINSER; 25. Daughter of Zeus and Leda, HELEN; 28. Drum that might accompany a fife, TABOR; 30. First carrier to offer regular in-flight movies, 1961, TWA; 31. Garment made of Gore-Tex, maybe, ANORAK; 33. They’re no longer tender in a typical trattoria, LIRE; 34. Yellowfin, on some menus, AHI; 35. Tangles with, in the country, RASSLES; 37. Classic Chrysler, LEBARON; 39. Lead characters in “Mork & Mindy”?; 40. Impart, LEND; 42. Coaching concern, MORALE; 43. Tillis or Tormé, MEL; 44. Place to moor, INLET; 46. Full of adrenaline, informally, AMPED; 47. West Point newcomers, PLEBES; 49. Aids in marketing?, CARTS; 51. O. Henry is known for one, AWARD; 52. Baccarat cousin, FARO; 53. Estrangement, RIFT; 57. Zip, NADA; 58. 1971 film with the tagline “You don’t assign him to murder cases. You just turn him loose.”, DIRTY HARRY; 60. Like shellfish, TREF; 61. Regime change catalyst, PALACE COUP; 62. Hard worker, SERF; 63. Site near an outdoor recording session in “Help!”, STONEHENGE.
Down — 1.Pot item, CHIP; 2. Prefix with -stat, AERO; 3. Pool protector, TARP; 4. Six-time Lombardi Trophy winners, STEELERS; 5. Rx chain, CVS; 6. Spanish wine, RIOJA; 7. Leaning, ASLANT; 8. Like the snowy owl, DIURNAL; 9. Very much, LOTS; 10. Shanghai-to-Tokyo dir., ENE; 11. Block during a blizzard, ICE IN; 12. Genre that glorifies gunplay, GANGSTA RAP; 13. Mostly, ON THE WHOLE; 14. Checked, RESTRAINED; 21. Emergency oil rig visitor, FIRE BOAT; 23. Out of one’s league?, UNALLIED; 24. “Whitman Cantata” composer, ROREM; 25. Part of an iconic Eden outfit, HAREM PANTS; 26. Durable kitchen items, ENAMELWARE; 27. Low-priced item, maybe, LOSS LEADER; 29. Cartoonist BIL Keane; 32. Ululates, KEENS; 36. TV show that has spawned many movies, briefly, SNL; 38. Cold war concern, ARMS RACE; 41. Yvonne DECARLO of “The Munsters”; 45. Striped identifier, TARTAN; 48. 48 Zach BRAFF, “Garden State” actor/director; 50. Early automaker Frederick Henry ROYCE; 52. Direction from on high, FIAT; 54. Weights, colloquially, IRON; 55. “Hullabaloo” dance, FRUG; 56. Bang out, TYPE; 58. Fielding feats, for short, DPS; 59. When repeated, a sneaky laugh, HEH.

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