03.14.13 — Residue


Thursday, March 14, 2013 — Pi Day
Puzzle by Mike Buckley / Edited by Will Shortz
CREATIVITY / IS THE RESIDUE OF / WASTED TIME (18A. Beginning of a quote by 3-/31-Down on which Stephen Colbert commented “I hope teenagers aren’t watching this right now”), a quotation from ALBERT EINSTEIN (3D and 31D), on his birthday, constitutes the main feature of this Thursday crossword.
Other — AGREED TO, INK SPOTS (33D. 1940s quartet with the #1 hit “Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall,” with “the”), MEAT LOAF (11D. Player of Eddie in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”), PRIMROSE (9D. Flower from which an oil is derived), SCISSORS, SENORITA,TRI-COLOR.
Mid-size — CAMARO, DATED (36D. Went out with), DHOTI (30D. Indian attire), DROWSE, EARTHS (22A. Cerium and samarium are rare ones), ELIJAH Wood, KNITS, LASSO, LAUREL, LIBRAS, OSSIE Davis, PLEAT, RHODO, SOCIAL, SPACED, SPINAL, STABS, SWEPT, TESLAS (47A Some electric cars), THERE, U-HAUL, USER ID, YENTL.
Short stuff — ABBE, AJAR, ASTA, BARI, CAPN, DST, ECU, ESSO, HOPI, MET, MIRA Sorvino, NERO, OILS, OLE, PILL, PRO, SAHL (51A. Comic who said “A conservative is someone who believes in reform. But not now”), SARA and SARI (55A. Indian attire), SAW (40D. Went out with), SHOD, SHUN, SHY, SLAP and SLAV, SLOE, SPA and SPAM, SUM, TEST, TRUE, T-TOP, URGE, YAR.

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Bass technique; 5. Short; 8. ___ folder; 12. Hard-to-tolerate sort; 13. Allegheny plum, e.g.; 14. Prevail upon; 15. French cleric; 16. Superior of a bos’n; 17. Actress Sorvino; 21. Fulfilled; 23. Classic prize; 25. It starts in March: Abbr.; 26. It, in Italy; 29. Showy bloom, to flower enthusiasts; 30. Be half-asleep; 32. Terrier on the silver screen. 33. Middle of the quote; 37. 2009 “Star Trek” villain; 38. Vertebral; 39. Unties after a break; 41. Assay, say; 42. Old French coin; 45. Like some media; 49. Golf club V.I.P.; 50. End of the quote; 53. Works at the National Gallery; 56. Open a tad; 57. Roof with removable panels; 58. “… ___ the furious Bandersnatch!”: Carroll; 59. Italian port; 60. “___ Smile” (1976 top 5 hit); 61. ___ Miss; 62. Like plow horses. — DOWN: 1. L i k e t h i s; 2. Patient, cheerful sorts, it’s said; 3. See 18-Across; 4. Kilt feature; 5. John Paul II, for one; 6. Pueblo people; 7. 1983 title role for Barbra Streisand; 8. Tally; 9. Flower from which an oil is derived; 10. Accepted; 13. One of three choices in a kids’ game; 19. Consoling word that bears repeating?; 20. Quick to the helm; 24. Truck renter; 27 Went 4-0, say; 28. Actor Davis; 30. Indian attire; 31. See 18-Across; 34. Eligible one in El Salvador; 35. French flag; 42. Wood in Tolkien films; 43. Sporty Chevy; 44. Log-in need; 46. Stockholder on a ranch?; 48. Wild guesses; 52. Exact; 54. Day ___.


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