03.30.31 — Young Girl

Old Woman with a Rosary, 1895, Paul Cézanne


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Puzzle by Gareth Bain / Edited by Will Shortz
THE AGING PROCESS (37A. Gerontologist’s study) slashes across this meandering Saturday crossword bisected by YOUNG GIRL (21D. 1968 #2 hit with the lyric “My love for you is way out of line”).

Other — EARTHIER (9D. Saltier), I HATE MEN (38D. “Kiss Me, Kate” song), OH PLEASE (39D. “Gimme a break!”), ON SAFARI (43A. Watching the big game, say), PROM KING (5D. Alpha senior?), UTILIZED (27A. Put to work).

Seven-letter — CLAM BAR, ETERNAL (46A. Like Rome, it‘s said), EYEWASH, IN STORE, KENOSHA (24A. Wisconsin port), ORIGAMI, PEDALED, PIERROT (15A. Stock pantomime character),  PROVERB, RESORTS, SADDENS, SAMOVAR (16A. Decorative server), SCRIPTS, TEAM USA (8A. Red, white and blue group).

Mid-size — AMORAL (10D. Neither good nor evil), CINCO, DEBRA, ETATS, FEMALE (44D. XX), HASTE, INCAS (28D. Inti worshipers), MAKE ME, MARSH (50D. Reed section?), MIATA, NACRE, OAKLEY, RESOW, SNARE, SPIEL (1D. Door-to-door delivery), STEIN and STERN, STEPS, TORIES (6D. One side in the Revolutionary war), TREADS.

Short stuff — ARBS, AREA, DEM, DOSE, ECO, EELS, EGAD, ERST, ETA, HAGS (41A. Some fairy story villains), IDS, IRT, KIDD (53D. Privateer who captained the Blessed William), LAKE, LILT, LOW and MOW, NERO, MIRY, MIS, MOPS, MOVE, OPS, SARD, SNEE, ST LO (32D. Town in ‘44 headlines), THIN, TSP, UVEA, ZEES.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. In-box material for some agents; 17. Ahead; 18. Wise words; 19. Prefix with car; 20. Boglike; 22. Puts one’s foot down; 23. A cyclone is a big one; 26. Bad start?; 32. Writer of the lines “Pigeons on the grass alas. / Pigeons on the grass alas”; 35. “The Mikado” weapon; 36. Emperor who built the Domus Aurea; 40. You might hear a children’s song in one; 42. Dispatch; 45. Army missions; 48. Blue, in a way: Abbr.; 51. Defiant response; 55. Skating spot, maybe; 56. Symbol of elasticity, in economics; 57. Paper work; 59. Server of food that may be steamed, fried or raw; 61. Went in tandem?; 62. Many are found on beaches; 63. Gets down; 64. Nonsense. — DOWN: 2. Important part of mayo; 3. Plant more crops in; 4. N.Y.C. line; 7. Serious; 8. Common 31-Down: Abbr.; 11. Dance element; 12. Iris’s location; 13. Orangish gem; 14. Wall St. manipulators; 25. Dance elements; 26. Mustang competitor; 29. End of a dictionary; 30. At one time in the past?; 31. Prescribed amount; 33. Gracile; 34. Ones unable to swim straight?; 35. Bag; 45. Annie once played by Ethel Merman; 47. Iridescent material; 48. Messing around on TV?; 49. Members of les Nations Unies; 51. Items in buckets; 52. Forte; 54. Quaint shout; 58. They may be checked at an airport; 60. Part of a barn.

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