03.06.13 — OOO

Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Puzzle by Richard Chisholm / Edited by Will Shortz

OOO contained within four entries is the main feature of this Wednesday crossword — HASNOOOMPH (18A. Lacks pizzazz), TOOONESIDED (26A. Overly partisan), ZOOOCCUPANT (47A. Animal on display) and IGLOOOWNER (61A. Inuit, maybe).
Other — ABACUS (6A. Ancestor of a calculator), BISTROS (52A. Casual eateries), BLEW OFF (40A. Failed to show up for, informally), CARROT (49D. Stick’s partner, in an idiom), CHEERS (48D. “Bottoms up!”), ERECTED, GO HOME, I DO TOO, OH WELL, PAPA DOC (20A. Former Haitian leader Duvalier), TAKES IT (37A. Doesn’t fight back), THREADS, ZERO IN on (Focus).

"The Last Watch of Hero" by Frederic Leighton, depicting Hero anxiously waiting for Leander during the storm.
Five-letter — BOOLA, CORFU (16A. Ionian Sea vacation isle), DINKS, ELFIN, ETUDE, Téa LEONI, LT GEN, NO-FAT, OAKEN, OZAWA (27D. 2000s Vienna State Opera conductor), OZARK Mountains, STONE (50D. Soup ingredient in an old folk story), SWISH, TALIA Shire, TOTED, WOOED.
Short stuff — AERO, AFAR, ALFA, ARIZ, BEN, BILL, BOS, CHAD and SHAD, DAD and DAN, DEB and DEL, DICE, DOS, DOZE, ELLA Fitzgerald, ERIC Ambler, EWES, FLAP, GABS, HERO (63A. Leander‘s love), HUHS, I GET Around“, IMUS, IRMA Rombauer, MOST, NEO, OBOE, ORES, RAFT, REAP, SENT, SET, SFPD, SID Caesar, SLOG, SOLO, SWAM and SWAP, TAO, TARA, TERI Hatcher, WED.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Whitewater craft; 5. Chews the fat; 9. “Nothing but net” sound; 14. She sang with Duke and Dizzy; 15. Instrument called “an ill wind that nobody blows good”; 17. Out there; 22. Clothing, slangily; 23. Radio host who often wears cowboy hats; 25. Got hitched; 31. “Uncle” on a food package; 35. Sen. Biden represented it: Abbr.; 36. Jam session feature; 42. A lot of a flock; 43. “Major ___” of 1990s TV; 45. Shire of “Rocky”; 46. Roseanne’s husband on “Roseanne”; 50. Filming site; 51. Roe source; 56. Put up; 64 Téa of “Spanglish”; 65. Prefix with plane, to a Brit; 66. Calif. Neighbor; 67. Three-star rank: Abbr.; 68. Amount between some and all; 69. High roller’s pair. — DOWN: 1. Realize, as profit; 2. Sporty auto, for short; 3. Try to get airborne, maybe; 4. Setting in a Mitchell novel; 5. “Get lost!”; 7. Fenway nine, on scoreboards; 8. E-mail folder heading; 9. Ruined a shutout; 10. Tried to win; 11. Rombauer of cookery; 12. “Bullitt” law enforcement org.; 13. Confused responses; 19. Words said with a shrug; 21. Light tennis shots that fall just over the net; 24. Caesar of old TV; 26. Brought along on a hike, say; 20. Like some heavy buckets; 29. Assaying samples; 30. Cotillion V.I.P.; 31. Yalie’s cheer word; 32. Like Keebler workers; 33. Low-call yogurt descriptor; 36. One-for-one transaction; 38. “Same with me!”; 39. Confucian principle; 41. Chopin piece; 44. Built-in feature of the Apple II; 47. Focus (on); 52. Legislature’s consideration; 53. The Beach Boys “___ Around”; 54. Walk wearily; 55. Did laps, say; 57. Landlocked African land; 58. Hatcher who played Lois Lane; 59. Spy novelist Ambler; 60. Go out for a short time?; 62. Prefix with natal.

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