03.16.13 — What Hath...

Artist's portrayal of Morse sending the first telegraph message.
On May 24, 1844, Samuel Morse sends the telegraph message "What hath God wrought?" from the Supreme Court chamber in the Capitol in Washington, D.C., to the B & O Railroad Depot in Baltimore, Maryland.
Saturday, March 16, 2013
Puzzle by Julian Lim / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Increases the intensity, STEPS IT UP; 10. High-hatter’s wear, TOQUE; 15. Totally plugged-in, WELL AWARE; 16. Bury, INURN; 17. Sheepskin source, ALMA MATER; 18. Spirit, in Stuttgart, GEIST; 19. Maximum, nonstandard, MOSTEST; 20. Sprites are similar to them, FRESCAS; 22. :, at times, IS TO; 23. "The Ground Beneath HER Feet” (U2 song); 25. Go a long way, TREK; 26. Rapper with the 202 #1 hit “Always on Time”, J A RULE; 28. 1972 treaty subjects, briefly, ABMS; 31. Like many ventilation systems, DUCTED; 35. Dress-to-impress attire, BEST SUIT; 37. Singer Carmen MCRAE; 38. Fukuda’s predecessor as Japan’s P.M., ABE; 39. Italian game akin to pétanque, BOCCI; 40. Football Hall-of-Famer who became a Minnesota Supreme Court justice, ALAN PAGE; 42. Thirst, HANKER; 43. Genre for 37-Across; 44. Ice cream or pizza follower, PARLOR; 46. Won’t shut up, YAKS; 48. Comment while putting something away, YUM; 49. Yuri’s beloved, in literature, LARA; 53. More prone to bellyaches, WHINIER; 56. Growled at, say, MENACED; 58. Welcomes to one’s house, HAD IN; 59. One may be represented by stars, EXPLETIVE; 61. Plagued, ATEAT; 62. Became fair, CLEARED UP; 63. Shakespeare’s Ross, e.g., THANE; 64. Gift for a TV buff, DVD BOX SET.
Down Studier of sutras, SWAMI; 2. Final aim, to a philosopher, TELOS; 3. Title site of six films: Abbr., ELM ST; 4. He wrote “No human thing is of serious importance”, PLATO; 5. Old story intro?, SAME; 6. Gull’s cry, I WAS HAD; 7. Rip up, TATTER; 8. Strict follower?, URE; 9. Stamp feature, in philately lingo, PERF; 10. Fierce sort, TIGER; 11. What a 64-Across may comprise, ONE SEASON; 12. What a day trader tries to turn, QUICK BUCK; 13. Supervillain from Krypton, URSA; 14. M.D.’s with tiny flashlights, ENTS; 21. Travel plans: Abbr., RTES; 24. Like 49-Down, RUBBERY; 26. Major mode of transportation?, JEEP; 27. Pace of “Pushing Daisies”, LEE; 29. Many sit on pads, MICE; 30. Start moving, STIR; 31. Baroque “key of glory”: Abbr., D MAJ; 32. Carol Burnett’s 17-Across, UCLA; 33. It’s unlikely to work, CRAZY IDEA; 34. Like Jane Goodall’s study site, TANZANIAN; 36. Means of reaching a peak level?, T BAR; 38. “Lord,” in Turkish, AGA; 41. View from a pew, APSE; 42. Where one may have personal reactions, HOME LAB; 45. Put up with, LUMPED; 47. Role for both Burton and Amos in a 1977 miniseries, KINTE; 49. Stuff in a swim cap, LATEX; 50. They’re not basic things, ACIDS; 51. Noël Coward’s “Sigh No More,” e.g., REVUE; 52. Ace, ADEPT; 53. With 54-Down, start of a historic telegraph message, WHAT; 54. See 53-Down, HATH; 55. Invoice abbr., RECD; 57. Tutee of Seneca, NERO; 60. Year in Claudius’s reign, XLV.


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