03.23.13 — Saturday in the Sonoran

Sonoran Desert in Arizona
Saturday, March 23, 2013
Puzzle by David Steinberg / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. “Another Cinderella Story” co-star, 2008, SELENA GOMEZ; 12. Focus of middle management?, ABS; 15. Creator of the heroine Catherine Earnshaw, EMILY BRONTË; 16. It’s bisected by the Reuss River, URI; 17. City in the 42-Down Desert, MESA ARIZONA; 18. Caesar’s thing, RES; 19. N.Y.C. line to the Bronx, IRT; 20. Race space, LANE; 21. Name on a London hall, ALBERT; 23. Poseidon’s trident?, PSI; 24. Channel with the tagline “Story matters here”, AMC; 25. 10th-century European king, OLAF I; 26. First name in gossip, RONA; 28. Like some issues, HOT BUTTON; 32. Like saved hockey shots, ON GOAL; 35. Gets along, DOES; 36. English Channel feeder, EXE; 37. Advice-disdaining sort, KNOW-IT-ALL; 40. Mismatched pair?, EMS; 43. Bearers of bright red arils, YEWS; 44. They’re shortsighted, MYOPES; 48. See, GO OUT WITH; 51. Neighbor of Eure-et-Loir, ORNE; 52. Broadway’s “Never GONNA Dance”; 53. Shogunate capital, EDO; 56. Stuff like that”, ETC; 57. One of reality TV’s “Gidettes”, SNOOKI; 59. Means of enforcing compliance, WRIT; 60. Asian winter celebration, APR; 62. Two-time Triple Crown winner, EDDIE ARCARO; 65. Operation Cyclone org., CIA; 66. Epitome of dedication, in modern usage, REAL TROOPER; 67. Either of two cousin Udalls: Abbr., SEN; 68. They’re suitable to be transplanted to another bed, SEED OYSTERS.
Down — 1. Not quite minor-league, SEMI-PRO; 2. “The American Scholar” speech giver, EMERSON; 3. TV Guide datum, LISTING; 4. She, in Rio, ELA; 5. Spiral-horned antelope, NYALA; 6. Norm ABRAM of “This Old House”; 7. Mean sort, GRINCH; 8. Slow flow, OOZE; 9. 6 string, MNO; 10. View from Blancavilla, ETNA; 11. With fire, ZEALOUSLY; 12. Golden, AUREATE; 13. “Song of the South” villain, BR’ER FOX; 14. Raphael’s “SISTINE Madonna”; 22. It’s often a double-decker, BLT; 27. Swell, AOK; 29. Elevator of literature?, ODIST; 30. Add (up), TOT; 31. Look elated, BEAM; 33. Challenging question, ANY TAKERS; 34. 1920-24 owner of Metro Pictures, LOEW; 38. What the U.S. joined in Apr. 1917, WWI; 39. Bath can, LOO: 40. Where future web developers develop?, EGG SACS; 41. Dessert that’s out of this world?, MOON PIE; 42. SONORAN Desert (area with saguaros); 45. Test-record, maybe, PRE-TAPE; 46. Typist, at times, ENTERER; 47. Divisions of geometry, SECTORS; 49. Game with 59-Down cards, UNO; 50. Regarding this point, HERETO; 54. Frank account, DIARY; 55. Not estos or esos, OTROS; 58. Pensée product, IDEE; 59. See 49-Down, WILD; 63. “Hawaii Five-O’ co-star Daniel DAE Kim; 64. Trig function, COT.


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