03.09.13 — The Saturday Crossword

Etruscan Mural ~ Head of a Lyre-Player,
Tomb of the Leopards, Tarquinia, 480 B.C.
Saturday, March 9, 2013
Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. “8mm” star, 1999, NICOLAS CAGE; 12. “Applesauce!”, BAH; 15. It hasa Snapshot Tool command, ADOBE READER; 16. Irish ALE; 17. His 1978 album “Excitable Boy” went platinum, WARREN ZEVON; 18. Marathoner Pippig, UTA; 19. Mrs. Gorbachev, RAISA; 20. Bicycle support, informally, SISSY BAR; 22. 1956 Santos rookie, PELE; 23. Groupie’s trait, ZEAL; 25. Past-tense verb that is the same as its present-tense form minus the fourth and fifth letters, ALIT; 26. Jane BYRNE, who was Chicago’s first female mayor; 28. Title science teacher of an old sitcom, MR PEEPERS; 31. Mud, JOE; 3. Place for locks and pins, MAT; 34. MALA fide; 35. Gets in a lather, SUDSES; 37. Won’t allow, VETOES; 41. Mrs. Grundy type, PRIG; 43. Far East capital, YEN; 44. Kind of root in math, NTH; 45. Milk producer, DAIRY FARM; 49. Circus Maximus stars?, ASTRA; 51. Soviet attack sub, ALFA; 52. Gardener’s purchase, LOAM; 54. Bait thrown overboard, CHUM; 55. Wine-tasting accessory, SPITTOON; 58. Pair in an average-sized orchestra, OBOES; 60. Get an edge on?, HEM; 61. One stoked to provide warmth, WOOD FURNACE; 64. A simpler one may be recalled, ERA; 65. Black-and-white, say, INTERRACIAL; 66. Typical house on “Hoarders”, STY; 67. Flashlight alternatives, GAS LANTERNS.
Down — 1. Sticks nix, NAW; 2. “Go ahead and try!”, I DARE YOU; 3. Orange relative, CORAL RED; 4. Inner Party member in “1984”, OBRIEN; 5. Sake brewery byproduct, LEES; 6. Star with two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, ARNAZ; 7. Informal remarks?, SEZ; 8. Image on a denarius, CAESAR; 9. Sominex alternative, ADVIL PM; 10. Storms, e.g. GEOS; 11. Cousins of kites, ERNS; 12. Bagatelle, BAUBLE; 13. Pioneering microcomputer, ALTAIR; 14. Rakes often break them, HEARTS; 21. Shrilly talk to, YAP AT; 22. Many tykes’ lunches, PBJS; 24. Potential throat clearer, briefly, EMT; 27. Filing aid, EMERY; 29. Hangover?, EAVE; 30. Justice ELENA Kagan; 33. “Highly doubtful”, AS IF; 36. Baltic Sea swimmer, SPRAT; 38. Live, maybe, ON THE AIR; 39. Ancient dweller in the Po Valley, ETRUSCAN; 40. Comforter go-with, SHAM; 42. Lugs, GALOOTS; 43 First name on the 1954 album “Mambo!”, YMA; 45. Five of them represent a zero, DASHES; 46. The “A” of A&M Records, ALPERT; 47. Polite cut-in, IF I MAY; 48. Chaucer’s “Merciless Beauty,” e.g., RONDEL; 50. Its contents are often wicked, SCONCE; 53. Be a blessed person, per Matthew 5:4; MOURN; 56. Skinny-ninny, TWIG; 57. Princess OONA in Donald Duck cartoons; 59. Certain pack member, BRAT; 62. Abbey title, FRA; 63. They have high stations, ELS.


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