03.02.13 — Toxicodendron Diversilobum, et cetera

Saturday, March 2, 2013
Puzzle by Barry C. Silk / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. White-whiskered sort, OLD GEEZER; 10. Symbol of Einstein’s gravitational constant, KAPPA; 15. Eager, RARIN’ TO GO; 16. Tons, A LOAD; 17. Time of one’s life, CHILDHOOD; 18. Youngest of five famous brothers, ZEPPO; 19. Ernst associate, ARP; 20. Things worth waiting for?, TIPS; 21. What head shots are used in, SOCCER; 22. People pick pockets in it, POOL; 23. Eddie’s partner in musical comedy, FLO; 24. Burial option, URN; 25. Cut out for it, ABLE; 28. Intentionally flooded field, PADDY; 30. Short order?, BLT; 31. One working with magnetite, IRON MINER; 33. Minor, legally, PETIT; 35. “Ha! Good one!”, DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH; 37. “Bummer”, AW GEE; 38. Word below a signature on a bill, TREASURER; 39. Zero, in 21-Across, NIL; 40. They often have good rhythm, POEMS; 41. Mr. T’s real last name, TERO; 42. Julia Child worked for it during W.W. II: Abbr., OSS; 43. Lav, CAN; 44. Escalator pioneer, OTIS; 46. Fox on Fox, MULDER; 48. Blast alternative?, DRAT; 49. Traffic court letters, DWI; 52. Facilitators of cultural growth, AGARS; 53. Toxicodendron diversilobum, POISON OAK; 55. Yogi Bear co-creator, HANNA; 56. Off-roading option; 57. Fire, ARDOR; 58. Grocery product with green leaves in its logo, SALADA TEA.
Down 1. 400-pound calf, perhaps, ORCA; 2. Player of a big scaredy-cat?, LAHR; 3. No Mr. Personality, DRIP; 4. Drug czar GIL Kerlikowske; 5. Put an END TO; 6. Where the Blue Nile rises, ETHIOPIA; 7. Jellyfish and krill, ZOOPLANKTON; 8. Some are fragile, EGOS; 9. Bygone means of corporal punishment, ROD; 10. Buzz generator, KAZOO; 11. “I’ll Be Around” songwriter ALEC Wilder; 12. TV Guide crossword focus, POP CULTURE; 13. Something that shouldn’t scare you, PAPER TIGER; 14. Garnish, ADORN; 21. Arch, SLY; 22. Marker maker, PENTEL; 23. It features a statue of a Scottie next to his master, FDR MEMORIAL; 25. Title slave of the stage, AIDA; 26. First cut on the album “Sticky Fingers”, BROWN SUGAR; 27. Home of the Ducks of baseball’s Atlantic League, LONG ISLAND; 29. Handle on farm equipment?, DEERE; 30. Humdingers, BEAUTS; 32. Fr. Address, MME; 33. Texting counterpart of “TY”, PLS; 34. Snow-THRO (winter blower brand); 36. Orwellian superstate, EASTASIA; 40. One of nine numbers on a card, PAR; 42. Clarkson College locale, OMAHA; 43. Alpo alternative, CESAR; 45. “I TOLD you!”; 47. 1958 spy novel set in Jamaica, DR NO; 48. “Cannery Row” brothel owner, DORA; 49. “Get busy!”, DO IT; 50. Boat trailer?, WAKE; 51. Pottery Barn competitor, IKEA; 53. 54-Down tally: Abbr., PTS; 54. See 53-Down: Abbr., NBA

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