03.05.13 — Where It's At


Tuesday, March 5, 2013
Puzzle by Gareth Bain / Edited by Will Shortz

WHERE IT’S AT (62A. Happening place … or a hint to 18-, 23-, 39- and 51-Across?), LATTER MATE (18A. Second of two spouses?), HATCHING POST (23A. Nest?), BAT PART (39A. Wing or fang?) and PATCH PERFECT (51A. Like a good quilt maker?) constitute the interrelated group of this very likeable Tuesday crossword — read litter mate, hitching post, bit part and pitch perfect.
Other — APPAREL (44D. Clothes), CULKIN (5D. “Home Alone” child star), HEN and OVARIES (27A. Egg producer; 28A. Egg producers), KITSCHY (4D. Tastelessly artistic), POMPEII (48A. City destroyed by Mount Vesuvius), Mark RUFFALO of “The Kids Are All Right”, SUMATRA (10D. Home to many orangutans), TEETER (50D. Show instability).

Satyr with pipe and a pipe case (Attic red-figure plate, 520–500 BC, from Vulci, Etruria)

Five-letter — ALOHA, ATLAS, CALVE, CARAT, CURSE, ELBOW, Standard ERROR, FOYER, HASTY, MATCH, MATTE, OATES, PLATE, POLAR, RETAG, SATYR (32A. Mythological debauchee), STOIC (35D. Follower of Zeno), TWEEN, USAIN Bolt, “USE IT or lose …”.
Short stuff — A BIT, ABLE, A CUP, AGRA, Jai ALAI, ALE and APE, ANAT, ARGO (33D. Oscar-winning film set in Iran), AWED, BOER, CHAS, DUAL, Life of EASE, ERA, ERIE, ETE, EURO, EXES, FLAW, HERB Alpert & the Tijuana Brass, ICER, IMF, KIA, KITE, LEIA, LOVE is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies“, MACK, ORE, OWEN, OVER, Monte ROSA, SAKE and SALE, SIT, SOAP, SPAR, TAO and TAU, TEAR, TERM, THRU, TORT, UNIX.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Big truck maker; 5. Blasphemous cry; 10. Alcohol typically drunk warm; 16. Operating system since 1969; 20. Addams who created “The Addams Family”; 21. Seoul-based automaker; 22. One of the “She’s Gone” singers; 35. Red-tag event; 37. Repeated lyric in “Java Jive”; 38. Valuable stuff in a vein; 42. The “E in B.C.E.; 43. Pearl Mosque home; 45. Paul Kruger of Krugerrand fame, e.g.; 46. Standard ___ (statistician’s calculation); 50. Cross shape; 57. Book often stored horizontally; 60. Tavern favorite; 61. Scratch in a diamond, e.g.; 65. Skilled; 66. Certain Iroquoian; 67. Not glossy; 68. “___ is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies”: Aristotle; 69. Like some people’s citizenships; 70. Entrance hall; 71. Wilson of “Meet the Parents”. — DOWN: 1. Success story for Cupid; 2. Island greeting; 3. Gemologist’s weight; 6. Lightning Bolt?; 7. Mark down, say, at a store; 8. Obedience school command; 9. St.-Tropez season; 11. Veterinarian’s subj.; 12. Diamond in the sky?; 13. The Gabor sisters had many; 19. Monte ___ (one of the Alps); 25. Like one of two extremes; 26. Partner of “done with”; 29. Champagne bucket; 30. Continental currency; 31. Boom or gaff; 32. “Days,” for one; 34. President’s four years, e.g.; 36. Big hairy one; 40. Somewhat; 41. It might be seen out of the corner of one’s eye; 53. Part of a cafeteria stack; 54. Pasta shape; 55. Gave birth, as a whale; 56. 12-year-old, e.g.; 57. Dumbstruck; 58. Via, quickly; 59. “Star Wars” princess; 63. Global lending org.; 64. Eastern “way”.

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