03.08.13 — The Friday Crossword

Lady Gaga, The Fame Ball Tour
Friday, March 8, 2013
Puzzle by Paula Gamache / Edited by Will Shortz
Across — 1. Terminal cases, BAGGAGE; 8. Something to do experiments in, LAB COAT; 15. One of the Big Three in credit reports, EQUIFAX; 16. Eradicate, ABOLISH; 17. Baking session, SUNBATH; 18. Old West German moniker, DER ALTE; 19. Goal of a 17-Across, TAN; 20. Off the rack, READY-TO-WEAR; 22. Jewish rite, BRIS; 24. Tramp, SLOG; 25. SADIE Hawkins Day; 26. Bald Mountain’s range, UINTA; 28. Often-affected outburst, EGAD; 30. Time to go, TURN; 31. Navigator who named Natal, DA GAMA; 33. Nice things to be massaged, EGOS; 35. Adoption option, PET; 36. “The Whiffenpoof Song” ending, BAA BAA BAA; 39. Slush-pile pile: Abbr., MSS; 42. SALT cellar; 43. Imitated a wound-up toy, YIPPED; 47. Schlemiel’s cry, OOPS; 49. Providers of football game, SODS; 51. Title woman in a J. P. Donleavy novel, LEILA; 52. Big name in water filtration, BRITA; 54. Charge, GO AT; 56. Shot after a break?, X-RAY; 57. Bar glasses?, BEER GOGGLES; 60. Goal, AIM; 61. Recreating, maybe, ON LEAVE; 62. It smells on a bug, ANTENNA; 64. More dear, STEEPER; 65. Sponge, MOOCHER; 66. Advanced photocopier features, SORTERS; 67. Synchronized, IN PHASE.
Down — 1. One of a tight pair, BEST BUB; 2. Some zoo attractions, AQUARIA; 3. Really going after with “for”, GUNNING; 4. It was ceded to Brit. In the Treaty of Ultrecht, GIB; 5. Way off, AFAR; 6. Racetrack array, GATES; 7. Don’t hold your breath, EXHALE; 8. Star of 2009’s Fame Ball Tour, LADY GAGA; 9. Assist with a job, ABET; 10. Parts of the Big Apple, BOROS; 11. Try to scratch, CLAW AT; 12. Greasy, perhaps, OILED UP; 13. Subject of the 2009 biography “Puttin’ on the Ritz”, ASTAIRE; 14. What “they say our love won’t pay,” in “I Got You Babe”, THE RENT; 21. Ruthless, DOG EAT DOG; 23. Try, STAB; 27. Latin trio member, AMAS; 29. Behave with respect to, DO BY; 32. Small cells, AAAS; 34. Take the junk out?, SAIL; 37. Post masters?, BLOGGERS; 38. There’s nothing above it, APEX; 39. Icing supervisor?, MOB BOSS; 40. Kia model, SORENTO; 41. One going over telemarketing lines, SPIELER; 44. Ruthless sort, PIRANHA; 45. Eatery seen in a “Manhattan scene, ELAINES; 46. Light fright?, DAYMARE; 48. Part of many a grid, STREET; 50. Torpedo layer, SALAMI; 53. Yawning, AGAPE; 55. Construction piece with a mate, TENON, 58. See 59-Down, OVER; 59. With 58-Down, drop by, STOP; 63. Command level: Abbr., ECH.


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