03.03.13 — Praise for Prose

Sunday, March 3, 2013
Edited by Will Shortz
Seven clues consisting of imaginary blurbs for seven answers of imaginary biographies, each answer a standard phrase with the second and fourth word switched to achieve the “biography” title, constitutes the interrelated group of this friendly Sunday crossword:
  • THE COOKING OF JOY (22A. “It’s worth it just for Ms. Behar’s famous lasagna recipe”)
  • THE DESTRUCTION OF EVE (35A. An insightful look at how playing Miss Brooks took its toll on Ms. Arden”)
  • THE SPADES OF JACK (48A. “You don’t have to be a gardener to dig this book about Kerouac’s tools”)
  • THE TIME OF NICK (58A. “Finally, we learn how one Jonas brother defined an entire generation”)
  • THE RIGHTS OF BILL (73A. “Clinton’s a well-known southpaw, so this expose on his other-handed punches is an eye-opener”)
  • THE DARKNESS OF PRINCE (87A. “Required reading for all “Purple Rain” fans who think their idol is too goody-goody”)
  • THE WARFARE OF ART (103A. “A gripping narrative about one folk singer’s violent turn against Paul Simon”)

Other — ATAHUALPA (71D. Last Incan emperor), BLISTERPACK (63D. Plastic coating for some pills), CORD OF WOOD (15D. Winter supply usually stored outside), EASY DOES IT (66D. “Nice and slow”), O PIONEERS (16D. Start of Willa Cather’s Great Plains trilogy), PASSIVATE (17D. Give an anticorrosive coating), RIVERBOAT (72D. Casino that’s partly underwater?), TEETOTALERS (3D. Dry ones).

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Insect pupa sold as fish food; 7. Doesn’t get the memo, maybe; 15. Make do; 19. Show instability; 20. Offering with potato chips; 21. Amount owed by an insurance policy holder; 24. Crop up; 25. Cleverness; 26. TV’s Peter and literature’s Ben; 27. Walk through; 28. Mathematician Paul; 29. Bolivian bears; 31. Born as; 32. British actress Diana; 33. “Start already!”; 39. Spanish beaches; 41. Cole Porter title woman; 42. Slickers and galoshes; 43. Conger catcher; 44. Captain Hook’s alma mater; 46. Engine attachment; 47. Crumbs; 52. Long time follower?; 53. Sight at a supermarket or golf course; 54. Pack number; 55. Indisposed; 56. Relief; 57. Anesthesiologists’ locales, for short; 63. Jaguar rival; 66. Frozen dessert name; 67. It could pave the way; 68. Second most populous continent: Abbr.; 69. On the safe side; 70. Legal helpers, briefly; 78. “Really?”; 79. Writer ___ Hubbard; 80. Many an aria; 81. Notable flop; 82. Chicago lakefront attraction; 84. Family head; 86. Nasty ones; 91. Night lights; 92. Very often; 93. Take the lion’s share of; 94. Duffer’s hazard; 97. Drives a getaway car, maybe; 98. British submachine gun; 99. Reach rival; 101. Duffer’s org.; 102. Like some calls; 106. It beats ace-high; 107. Open quality; 108. “___ Restaurant”; 109. Bulb unit; 110. Northeast nickname; 111. Political symbol. — DOWN: 1. When many bars close; 2. Fruity sodas; 3. Dry ones; 4. Abbr. sometimes seen twice in a row; 5. Trivial Pursuit category: Abbr.; 6. French press remnants; 7. Des ___; 8. Lodges; 9. Certain frat boy; 10. Completely remove; 11. Put teeth into; 12. Fine-tune; 13. Christian name?; 14. Bond, for one; 18. Check out; 21. Cigarette purchase; 23. Reflex test site; 28. Start of an elimination process; 30. Reserved to the maximum extent; 32. Some bathroom crystals; 33. “___ you mother”; 34. Like tweets, by necessity; 36. “Tombstone” role; 37. Some fight finishes, for short; 38. ___-Z (classic car); 39. Retailer for Rover; 40. Composer of the “Gold and Silver” waltz; 44. Falco of “Nurse Jackie”; 45. Be all thumbs as a writer?; 46. Word with pay or page; 49. Pale; 50. Food Network host Guy; 51. Former “Idol” judge; 52. An ending to beat; 56. Prefix with phobia; 58. Receiving stats; 59. Calif.-to-Fla. Hwy.; 60. Blemish; 61. N.B.A. part: Abbr.; 62. In that case; 63. Plastic casing for some pills; 64. Donnybrook; 65. Fargo’s partner; 66. “Nice and slow”; 69. Take aboard a spaceship, maybe; 70. One of a nautical trio; 73. Long expeditions; 74. Butt (in); 75. Sexologist’s subject; 76. Clop maker; 77. “Charlotte’s Web” girl; 79. Old Italian dough; 83. Two-___ (extended TV episode); 84. Author with a fan site called “Into the Wardrobe”; 85. Unvoiced; 86. It may get squandered in a game; 88. Diner; 89. “Wheel of Fortune” category; 90. Din; 95. Match; 96. Stooge; 98. Actor LaBeouf; 99. Spirit ___ Louis; 100. String tie; 102. Avian call; 103. File extension; 104. Mens ___; 105 End: Fr.


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