03.29.13 — World Domination

Friday, March 29, 2013
Puzzle by Josh Knapp / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Verbal shrug, MEH; 4. Beat, THROB; 9. Greets the good guy, maybe, CLAPS; 14. Point-headed sort?, AXE; 15. Whom Turkey’s Weeping Rock is said to represent, NIOBE; 16. Cliff hanger?, AERIE; 17. One of two in a plane, DIMENSION; 19. Autodom’s ZR1, for one, VETTE; 20. Writer Moore or Moorehead, ALAN; 21. Where people drop off on the line?, SLEEPER CAR; 23. Killer bees, e.g., MENACE; 25. Brother, FRIAR; 26. Cackling loon with a white coat, MAD SCIENTIST; 31. Steam up, ANGER; 34. Dungeons & Dragons weapon, MACE; 35. With 40-Across, “Inside THE” (postgame show); 36. Goal for many a 26- or 43-Across, WORLD DOMINATION; 40. See 35-Across, NBA; 41. Its products often have Allen wrenches included, IKEA; 42. Dueling count, PACES; 43. Mighty heavy, SUPERVILLAIN; 47. “My Name is Earl” co-star Suplee, ETHAN; 48. One working on steps, DANCER; 52. Means of dropping a line, FISHING ROD; 56. Victimizer of Cassio, IAGO; 57. “I Know Who Killed Me” star, 2007, LOHAN; 58. Offensive play in 35-/40-Across, GIVE AND GO; 60. “That’s A NO NO!” (“Don’t!”); 61. Flip, UPEND; 62. Secured, GOT; 63. Track lineup, GATES; 64. The out crowd?, NERDS; 65. “Annie” characters, ENS.
Down 1. MADAM President; 2. Many a booted ruler, EXILE; 3. One who might do the heavy lifting, HE-MAN; 4. “Larry’s Country Diner” channel, TNN; 5. Greeted the bad guy, maybe, HISSED; 6. Churn, ROIL; 7. Strauss wrote a concerto in D for it, OBOE; 8. Doing good, BENEFICIAL; 9. Spineless response to pressure, CAVE IN; 10. Examine as a wolf would, LEER AT; 11. One preparing an oil pan?, ART CRITIC; 12. PITA bread; 13. Forward-thinking type, SEER; 18. Protective cover, ENAMEL; 22. Act the coxcomb, PREEN; 24. Real character, CARD; 27. Strong proof, SMOKING GUN; 28. R. J. Reynolds brand, CAMEL; 29. What’s under an arch, SHOE; 30. Fox ratings, TENS; 31. Stiff bristles, AWNS; 32. NOBU Matsuhisa, celebrity chef and restaurateur; 33. Small cannon balls, GRAPESHOT; 37. Ottoman relative, DIVAN; 38. Capital of Fiji, APIA; 39. Wine colorer, TANNIN; 44. Second-simplest hydrocarbon, ETHANE; 45. They may be found in preserves, informally, RHINOS; 46. Part of the total, ADDEND; 49. Mooch, CADGE; 50. Impel, EGG ON; 51. Natural life support system, ROOTS; 52. Tire, FLAG; 53. Isle near Mull, IONA; 54. Strong-smelling, say, RIPE; 55. Supervising, OVER; 59. Pop-ups, e.g., ADS.


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