09.02.13 — āz


Monday, September 2, 2013

Puzzle by Jim Peredo / Edited by Will Shortz

Rhyming HAYES, PHASE, NAISE, GAZE, A’S and DAYS, e.g., āz, constitutes the interrelated group of this easygoing Labor Day Monday crossword:

ISAAC HAYES (17A. “Theme from Shaft” composer, 1971)
FINAL PHASE (25A. Part of a project just before the end)
MAYONNAISE (53A. Condiment that can remove crayon marks)
STEELY GAZE (66A. Intense look)
OAKLAND A’S (11D. Team in “Moneyball”)
HAPPY DAYS (33D. The Fonz’s sitcom)

Other — “What A PAIN in the 5-Down / NECK (5D. Locale for an Adam’s apple), BAYONET (7D. Rifle attachment), I’M DEAD, ISAIAH (4D. Old Testament prophet), MET and MEETS, Impressionist Claude MONET, PULSATE (41A. Throb), STATURE (39A. Degree of importance), UGH, WAITERS (46D. They’re good at taking orders).


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