09.25.13 — LINES

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Edited by Will Shortz

LINE (58D. Word that can follow each part of the answers to the six starred clues), along with the six answers constitutes the interrelated group  of this Wednesday crossword:

HOT WATER (17A. *Deep trouble, informally)
HARD TIME (65A. *Felon’s sentence, maybe)
BOTTOM LAND (3D. *Low-lying acreage)
AIR SUPPLY (9D. *Deep-sea diver’s concern)
BUS SERVICE (30D. *Campus transportation, maybe)
DATE BREAD (34D. *Fruity loaf)

Other — ANAGRAM (38A. Hated to death, say?), BRONCO (2D. It’s more useful when It’s busted), DOSSIERS (70A. F.B.I. files), EBB TIDES (1A. Coastal backflows), EREBUS (7D. God of darkness), LITTERS (58A. Kittens come in them), RUPTURE (24A. Burst, as a pipe), SECRET (11D. Under wraps), TABOOED (54A. Made illicit).


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