09.29.13 — Overheard in New England

Boston boys throwing tea into the harbour.


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Puzzle by Norm Guggenbiller / Edited by Will Shortz

The AR sound gets modified to a Bostonian AH in six phrases of this Sunday crossword:

  • SPOCKS WILL FLY (24A. A “Star Trek” officer and a physician are going to board a plane?)
  • CODE COUNTERS (36A. Atlantic fishery auditors?)
  • POT ON GOOD TERMS (59A. Work agreeably in a greenhouse?)
  • GOBBLED MESSAGE (76A. “Happy Birthday” on a cake, e.g.?)
  • HOT SURGEONS (95A. Sexy operators?)
  • HOPPERS BAZAAR (112A. Where frogs shop?)

Gerolama Orsini, Pier Luigi's wife.

Other — Model Carol ALT; APPELLATE (31A. Kind of court); Folk rocker ANI DiFranco; BUG ZAPPER (78D. Sight at many a barbecue); CLUTTERS (94D. Hoarders’ problems); COILED (36D. Tortile); Fashion designer Marc ECKO; Astronomer EDMOND Halley; German Dadaist Hannah HOCH; LAHR (104A. Lion portrayer); MAN EATERS (101A. Femmes fatales); MEESE (94A. Reagan attorney general); MR ZIP (101D. Postal symbol, once); ODOM (61D. 1960s-‘70s pitcher Blue Moon); OFF-CENTER (17D. Unbalanced); ORSINI (37D. Italian princely family name); OTIS & Carla (1960s duo); OVID (77D. “Metamorphoses” poet); “WKRP in Cincinnati” news director Les NESSMAN; Bacteriologist Julius PETRI; RUNS A TAB (46D. Drinks now, pays later); Baseball’s SAL Bando; STEALS IN (52D. Enters furtively); SUSPENSE (7D. Hitchcock genre); TIGE (86A. Buster Brown’s dog, in old comics).


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