09.16.13 — M'M! M'M! Monday

World War II United States 817th Bomb Squadron, 483rd Bomb Group, 15th Air Force leather jacket patch showing a decal of Al Capp’s Mammy Yokum. She is sporting a corncob pipe and has just sent something or someone flying with a right jab. The 817th flew B-17 aircraft.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Puzzle by Ed Sessa / Edited by Will Shortz

M’M! M’M! GOOD (65A. Classic advertising slogan … and a hint to 17-, 25-, 40- and 52-Across), MUMMY’S TOMB (25A. Movie starring Lon Chaney Jr., with “The”), MILLION MOM MARCH (40A. Washington rally of 5/14/00), MAMMA MIA! (17A. Abba-inspired hit musical) and MAMMY YOKUM (62A. Dogpatch matriarch) constitute the interrelated group of this friendly Monday crossword.

Other — LET ME SEE (41D. “Hmmm …”); MACHU Picchu, Joan MIRO, MOOED (58D. Made a cow call), MYNAHS (48D. Bird mimics) and PANATELA (10D. Long, thin cigar).


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