09.30.13 — Covert OPS

Monday, September 30, 2013

Puzzle by Ian Livengood / Edited by Will Shortz

COVERT OPS (58A. Spy activities … or a hint to the answers to the six starred clues) binds the interrelated group of this entirely pleasant Monday crossword:

STOP SHORT (17A. *Suddenly slam on the brakes)
POP SCENE (26A. *Top 40 music world)
COP SHOW (36A. *”NYPD Blue” or “Miami Vice”)
DROP SHOT (49A. *Tricky tennis stroke)
CHOP SHOP (3D. *Stolen car destination, maybe)
TOP STORY (38D. *Opening segment in a newscast)

Other — AT HEART (28A. Fundamentally), CAB STAND (36D. Where to get a taxi), COHIBA (43A. Deluxe Cuban cigar brand), HOIST UP (42D. Raise, as with a crane),  ISHTAR (5D. Beatty/Hoffman bomb of 1987), MEAT STEW (9D. Goulash, e.g.), OCTOPUS (46A. Eight-armed sea creature), SAMSON (41A. Strongman of the Bible), TYPESET (4D. Prepare for printing).


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