09.09.13 — Play Ball!

Dover High School, Dover, Delaware, 1893 Football Team


Monday, September 9, 2013

Puzzle by Gary Cee / Edited by Will Shortz

For better or for worse, football is back with all of its 21st-century gladiator armor and stretch tights, concussions and broken bones, yellow flags and half-time shows, hot-dogging and tailgate parties.  It follows on the heels of summer’s end and takes us into the cold deep of winter with its zig-zag dashing and brutal bashings.  In the event the solver fails to take notice, this timely first-week-of-the-NFL Monday puzzle gives us the progression of a touchdown, HIKE, PASS, CATCH, RUN and SCORE:

SALARY HIKE (19A. Wage increase)
PRESS PASS (24A. Journalist’s credential)
GOOD CATCH (36A. “Observant of you to notice the error!”)
RABBIT RUN (50A. 1960 John Updike novel)
MUSIC SCORE (57A. It may be composed to accompany a movie)

Following the odd-shaped pigskin-covered ball’s travels from one end of the field to the other and back, ad nauseum, may not be everyone’s cup of beer, so let's hit the remote amid the rough-and-tumble and surf the grid for a few more answers of this otherwise friendly crossword:

Other — Work of ART; ALAI and AMAH, DADA and NADA, DIETERS (13D. Ones who‘ve got something to lose?); ELAPSED (40D. Ran out, as time); “… happily EVER after”; HELLUVA (39D. Terrific, in slang); Theater critic Walter KERR; KARL Marx; Golda MEIR; OLIVIER (11D. Best Actor for “Hamlet,“ 1948); ROULADE (43D. Dish of meat wrapped around a filling); STEAMED (38D. One way to serve clams or rice); Ernest TUBB of the Country Music Hall of Fame.

That’ll do — play ball!


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