09.08.13 — Bumper Cars

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Puzzle by Pete Muller and Sue Keefer / Edited by Will Shortz

Seven sets of three car models of various parent automobiles arranged “bumper to bumper” forming descriptions of their clue phrases (or vice versa, whatever) is the main feature of this smooth Sunday crossword:

PARK AVENUE COUGAR QUEST (23A. Search for a cradle-robbing woman in New York City), parent automobiles, Buick/Mercury/Nissan
CAVALIER CAPRI DIPLOMAT (37A. High-handed ambassador stationed off the Italian coast?), Chevrolet/Ford, Mercury and Lincoln/Dodge or Opel
BOBCAT RABBIT ACCORD (55A. Peace treaty between a predator and its prey?), Mercury/Volkswagen/Honda
INTREPID RAM CHALLENGER (67A. Tom Brady, in the 2002 Super Bowl?), Dodge/Dodge/Dodge
STORM TROOPER SONATA (78A. Musical piece for a “Star Wars” battle scene?),  Geo (Isuzu), Isuzu, Hyundai
CELEBRITY GOLF DEFENDER (98A. Advocate for pro-am tournaments?), Chevrolet/Volkswagen/Land Rover
MIDGET OUTBACK EXPLORER (116A. Diminutive Aborigine?), King/Subaru/Ford

King Midget was a  micro car produced between 1946 and 1970 by the Midget Motors Corporation. Although the company started out by offering a kit to build the car, they soon added completely-assembled cars and later only offered completed cars. ~ Wikipedia

Other — AL HIRT (47A. Musician with the gold-selling album “Sugar Lips”), OBSCENE (90D. Very blue), PALAU (29A. Country composed of 200+ islands), REEBOK (60D. Shoe brand named after an animal), Pussy RIOT (Russian Girl group), S DAK (128A. Home of Wind Cave Natl. Park), SHANKS (98A. Mistakes made by some bad drivers), “Mazel TOV!“, TESSERA (96D. Small mosaic tile), YAKIMA (4D. City near Mount Rainier).


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