09.20.13 — The Friday Crossword

Ninja Jiraiya raising his sword to kill a python attacking a large toad.
Woodblock print on paper.Kuniyoshi, c. 1843.


Friday, September 20, 2013

Puzzle by Mangesh Ghogre and Doug Peterson / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Offer to host, ASK OVER; 8. W.W. II vessels, PT BOATS; 15. Expressed slight surprise, RAISED AN EYEBROW; 17. “But really …”, ALL KIDDING ASIDE; 18. ROMAN Empire; 19. Deep-seated, INNER; 20.What you might be overseas?, SIE; 21. Part of A.M.A.: Abbr., AMER; 22. Principal, MAJOR; 23. Leave in, STET; 24. Rx specification, TER; 25. Industry leader, TITAN; 26. Part of a place setting, KNIFE; 27. Swelters, BAKES; 28. Absolutely correct, DEAD ON; 29. Relatives of spoonbills, IBISES; 31. Voyeur, PEEPER; 32. Staggered, AMAZED; 33. Many chains are found in them, MALLS; 34. Ticked off, RILED;3. Works at a museum, say, BUSTS; 36. One of the girls, SHE; 39. Going AT IT; 40. Gnats and mosquitoes, PESTS; 41. Powerful engine, V-TEN; 42. Pipe holder?, PAN; 43. Watch brand once worn by 007, SEIKO; 44. One of 24, KARAT; 45. 1959 #5 hit with the B--side “I’ve Cried Before”, A TEENAGER IN LOVE; 48. What a board may be against, HOSTILE TAKEOVER; 50. Euripides tragedy, ORESTES; 50. Satyrs, say, LEERERS.

Down — 1. Mountains of ARARAT (Genesis locale); 2. Strauss opera, SALOME; 3. “Trees” poet, KILMER; 4. OSKAR Werner of “The Spy Who Came in From the Cold”; 5. “In that VEIN …”; 6. Hall-of-Fame outfielder EDD Roush; 7. Throws off, RADIATES; 8. Flag carried on a knight’s lance, PENNON; 9. Blake’s “burning bright” cat, TYGER; 10. Pessimist, BEAR; 11. Outmoded: Abbr. OBS; 12. Three-time Haitian president, ARISTIDE; 13. Super-wonderful, TO DIE FOR; 14. Make more attractive, SWEETEN; 16. Warriors with supposed powers of invisibility and shape shifting, NINJAS; 22. Ready for an on-air interview, MIKED; 23. “Your mama wears army boots” and such, SNAPS; 25. Put a charge into?, TASED; 26. Leans precariously, KEELS; 27. “L'Artésienne” composer, BIZET; 28. Workout targets, informally, DELTS; 29. Copycat, IMITATOR; 30. Long-haired cat breed, BALINESE; 31. Simple and serene, PASTORAL; 32. Fox relative, ARAPAHO; 33. Old arm, MUSKET; 35. Pale shades, BEIGES; 36. Fought, STROVE; 37. Shot-putter, e.g., HEAVER; 38. Puts in, ENTERS; 40. “Positive thinking” pioneer, PEALE; 41. Grounds for a medal, VALOR; 43. Pet, SNIT; 44. Place for a jerk?, KNEE; 46. “Captain Video” figures, for short, ETS; 47. ‘50s politico, IKE.


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